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The biography of my ex-thief Zena, a wolf anthro
People have heard me mention Zena a lot in my journal/blog. Well, here is what she is.

She is the star of my Planet Animalus series, which is 19 70-page spiral bound notebooks.

She is what is called a hybrid, or an anthro to most people, though I call them hybrids in my story. She resembles a humanoid Grey Wolf. Currently, she is over thirty feet tall, though she tends to walk on all fours for the most part, as she doesn't want to scare people more than is necessary. When she was younger, and smaller, and mortal, she was an expert thief, who could steal the clothing off of a security guard, and they wouldn't know until they saw their reflection or someone pointed out to them that they were naked. The police of the cities would curse her after her thefts.

However, there was another side of her, that of a vigilante/killer. Out in the Wilds, the unsettled areas of Animalus, which is an Earth-like planet, she was feared by outlaws, as she'd kill them, without any remorse, and blessed by the nomads, as she kept the roads safe, either because she killed the outlaws, or the Wild Beasts, a military-like law enforcement group that patrolled the Wilds to preserve law and order there, who were after her, would catch any outlaws she missed. She may have robbed your museum, but those who traded the cloth that you used for your security guards outfits would be safe.

Her history was shrouded in mystery, and there are some things that Zena herself doesn't know, like her real name. However, here is what is known. Her grandmother, a large wolf named Zena, was the Commissioner of the Wild Beasts. She had a daughter who married a grey fox and had three daughters with him, including the one later known as Zena. The two eldest, as well as the parents, were killed in an avalanche, the youngest only surviving because of her parents' sacrifice when they tossed her in a wrong way cave and sealed the entrance with their bodies, just before that avalanche hit, killing the two of them instantly. The girl only survived by eating the bodies of her parents, but when she finally got out, she was feral, meaning that her animal side had taken over, and she was surviving on instincts. However, when she ran into a nomad caravan, she encountered two of them who looked like her parents, and the group, after hearing her story, decided to let the crazy wolf girl, who was just eight years old, stay with them, as she'd proven herself to be one heck of a fighter, and after a while, her mind started to heal.

Unfortunately, outlaws attacked and killed most of the adults, but when they tried to take the children, they encountered the crazy wolf girl, who killed several of them with ease, and it took most of the group to subdue her. Then, just before they were about to slit her throat, the leader, a highly venomous snake, told them to keep her alive, saying that someone like her would be useful. Then, for twelve years, she went though Hell, wishing every day she'd wake up dead, and with her family in the afterlife. She was raped and beaten daily, but the worse was when she was forced to eat adult male captives alive, as the leader would inject her with his, or another snake's venom, and the only way she'd get the antidote would be if she did the deed.

Then one day, when she was twenty years old, the group attacked a group of nomads, and the leader killed a young boy after the killed attacked him when he killed the kid's parents. When the man ordered the wolf woman to eat the boy's body, she said one word, "No." The leader, thinking that this was her usual rebellious nature, tried to bite her, but this time, the wolf grabbed the fangs, broke them off, and stabbed him in the eye with one of them. What happened next was a scene to come many times in the future, she became a whirlwind of death and destruction, and killed every last outlaw. Then, she killed the leader, by tearing him open, and eating his heart and lungs. Then, she collapsed, waiting for death to come, as she was severely wounded. But death never came, and she healed up. When she recovered, she led the former slaves to a nearby settlement and left.

Sometime later, she broke into a museum, looking for food. However, she saw many useless objects, i.e. diamonds, rubies, emeralds, ECT. Then, she saw the golden head of a wolf, and, feeling a connection to it, went to take a look at it. However, she was attacked by a guard, whom she fought and would have killed if she hadn't seen something, a painting of a wolf fighting a horde of outlaws, in a scene that reminded her of that one battle she fought. After questioning the guard, she found out who the person was, and that the statue of the wolf head was for her too. Needless to say, the wolf started to laugh, and started to call herself Zena. After that, she stole everything, and acquired a nickname, "Swallowing Zena" as she swallowed everything that she could, including things the size of her head, thanks to a trick jaw, not to mention a few other things. Funny thing is, she'd of looked good in a two piece swimsuit even after this. *Wink*

Then, after she left the city, she encountered a group of outlaws during the aftermath of one of their attacks on a group of nomads. At this, Zena, as she called herself now, charged in and slaughtered the whole group, all the while shouting "Zena! Zena! Zena!" When she was done, the blood-covered wolf gave the surviving nomads, mostly women and children, the bulk of her loot, with the exception of the Golden Head of Zena. After that, she became a legend, a childish jokester who frustrated even the best of law enforcement officers to no end, and an avenging murderess who protected the nomads who roamed the Wilds between the cities. She was a blessing and a curse.

However, like all adult hybrids, Zena had to deal with the monthly mating urge, in which hybrids would seek out a mating partner. Her partners would include an outlaw that she'd spare for that purpose, though she'd kill and eat him afterwards, some traveler she'd kidnap and rob when she was done with him, though she never killed any of those partners, as well as hired mating partners at mating houses, which were for adults with no mates of their own, and she'd break the noses of them afterwards. Also, she'd also blindfold her partners, and she made sure that they knew who was in charge.

One day though, when she had a bad sore throat, a proprietor at one such place thought that she was a man and sent her a woman to take care of her needs. Needless to say, the pair were surprised to find out about the truth, but, the woman took this in stride and helped her out. After that though, when the mating urge hit Zena, she'd take a willing female partner, as she liked it better with females as opposed to males, no bad memories.

After five years of living like this, she found someone who changed her life around, a young red fox named Zoey. The young woman and her friends took care of the legendary thief/murderess, and showed her another way of life. Zena then turned herself in, served her time, and was released. Sometime later she acquired a potion of immortality and drank it. After that, she became a member of the Wild Beasts, eventually leading it. However, her past still affects her, even at her current age of 480+ years.
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