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We had to re-do 'Little Red Riding Hood' for school, this is my version
Once upon a long time ago lived a young princess called Princess Redd. Her name came from the fact that her favourite colour was red and she only wore the colour red. She lived in a giant brick castle caled 'Rainbow Castle' where all the other colour princesses lived.

One day Princess Redd got up in the morning and put a fresh red pin-stripe dress on. It was new and looked beautiful on Princess Redd, so she decided to go and visit her friend Maiden Mary who lived on the other side of the village. So Princess Redd quickly asked the cook to cook up some lovely smelling sweets, biscuits and cakes for her to take to her friends house. As soon as the cook finished cooking and had them packed nicely in a basket and the horses were mounted and ready to go, Princess Redd set off, in a red cloak that matched her dress, left on her jouney to visit her friend.

When they got to the other side of the village the carriage couldnt go any further as the lanes as become smaller in width but Princess Redd didnt mind as it wasnt that far to walk. She carefully stepped out of the carriage, with basket in hand, and walked down the side pathway.

After a while Princess Redd reached a small pub. When she was just outside the doors a small, stinky, hairy man came out. On his shoulder Princess Redd noticed he had a tattoo of an evil wolf. Princess Redd knew he would be trouble so she turned her head down and quickly walked past him. Unfortunately he noticed her and placed his hand down on her shoulder and made her turn around to face him. 'Hello Lil' Missy' Wolf man said. He had a scruffy tone to his voice which sent a shudder down Princess Redds spine. Princess Redd turned back around and quickly continued walking while Wolf man shouted behind her, 'Ima just so hung'ry, miss, iya just wanted s'me food'. Luckily he didnt follow her.

Finally after a long walk Princess Redd reached Maiden Marys small cottage. It was covered in brightly coloured flowers and vines, what a sight! Princess Redd followed the twisty pathway that lead to Maiden Marys door which Princess Redd knocked on when she reached it. Maiden Mary answered the door and screamed with delight and she admired Princess Redds new dress. They walked inside, without bothering to shut the door, and enjoyed the scrumous food Princess Redd had brought.

When they finished, full and delighted, Princess Redd went into the kitchen to help clean up. When Princess Redd was in the kitchen Maiden Mary wasnt with her, and then suddenly Princess Redd heard a scream. Horrified Princess Redd ran back into the dining room and saw Wolf man with a knife at Maiden Marys throat. 'Give ma ya food lil' missy' Wolf man growled. 'Okay, okay' Princess Redd calmly said. She backed away and headed for the kitchen. 'I'm going into the kitchen to get the food.' When she was in the ktichen trying to gather as much food as she could she heard a thump. She raced back into  the dining room, scared that he'd hurt Maiden Mary but to her surprise it was not Maiden Mary on the floor but Wolf man. Maiden Mary had a umbrella in her hand and Princess Redd ran up to her and hugged her. They rejoiced and quickly rang the police.
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