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by Sum1
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Ever feel like you see the same person over and over, and have no idea who they are?
Mark And The Mysterious Blonde

         “Excuse me Sir, put your hands against the car and spread your legs.”
         “What’s wrong officer?”
         “We’re going to have to take you in for questioning.  We’ve had you under surveillance; you're a person of interest in this case.  Now just spread your legs for me while I pat you down.  Rob, read him his rights.”

         Mark was convinced he was being stalked.  For the past five weeks, he had seen the same woman everywhere he went.  He had no idea who she was, but he had to admit he found her attractive.  She was about five foot five inches tall, maybe one hundred and seventy pounds fully dressed, blonde hair, blue eyes; in other words your non-descript average American full figured beauty.  His first memory of her was at the local supermarket.  He’d been shopping for fresh produce and dairy products for the pizza he was going to make.  He loved cooking, and tonight he planned on doing the entire pizza from scratch.  She was there in the produce aisle as he picked out his fresh garlic, spinach, and artichoke hearts.  When he got to the checkout stand, she was right in front of him, and he found himself admiring her from behind.  She was dressed in a pair of Guess skinny leg jeans with a pale blue sleeveless top that accentuated her full figure.  Later that evening, he had gone to the movies with his girlfriend Cyndi, and was a little surprised to see her there also.  She was stylishly dressed in a knee length skirt and sleeveless blouse, with her hair in a short pony tail held in place by a blue ribbon that matched the top she was wearing.  She looked like she was ready for a night on the town, yet she seemed to be alone.
         “Mark, what’s wrong?”
         “Uh, nothing really, why?”
         “You were staring off into space with a glazed look in your eyes.  At least you were until you looked towards that blonde; your eyes lit up when you saw her.”
         “Oh I wasn’t looking at anyone really, I was thinking about us and what we’re going to do after the movie.”  Saying that, Mark looked at his girlfriend Cyndi and arched his eyebrows in a knowing stare; hinting at things yet to come this evening.
         “You’re impossible!” Cyndi replied, hitting Mark playfully on the arm.
         The following day, Mark had gone running in the park at four like he always did, and remembered seeing her sitting on a bench reading as he ran past.  He had glanced her way briefly, and wondered what she was reading.  On his next time past the bench, she was gone, but her face remained chiseled in his mind.  He loved her eyes; they were a piercing blue that seemed to look past him as if he wasn’t there.  This time her hair had hung down past her shoulders, framing her face in his mind’s eye.  She’d been dressed in a stylish jogging outfit, as if ready to run; but he could not recall seeing her jogging in the park.
         Throughout the following weeks, Mark was convinced he saw her at every turn.  He remembered bowling with friends, and seeing her three or four lanes down.  He once saw her standing on the corner near his apartment as he drove to work.  On one occasion he had seen her in Wal-Mart as he shopped for a pair of new Levi’s, but when he approached her, he realized he was mistaken.  This woman was not her; he knew this by her eyes, they were not near as piercing as his fantasy woman’s.  Plus they were brown, not blue.
         He began to feel as if they shared a bond, even though a word had never passed between them.  Finally, he saw her sitting in the café he frequented each weekend for breakfast.  As he sat there eating, he had a chance to look at her closely without being observed.  Mark had always been attracted to young, thin petite women, and he was a little surprised when he came to the conclusion that she was beautiful despite being a full figured, mature woman in her mid to late thirties.  She was dressed again in a pair of designer jeans, with a dark red top.  She wore minimal makeup, but what was there only served to make her more beautiful.  Her lips held a hint of lipstick, or maybe lip gloss that emphasized their fullness and natural color.  He made a conscious effort to remember her face and everything about her.  As he got up to leave he saw her rise too, and couldn’t resist the temptation to dawdle a little, hoping to find an excuse to speak to her.  At the register he said hi to the owner of the café, Anna; and turned a little to see her standing close by.
         Looking at her he said, “Nice day outside, isn’t it?”
         She gave him a smile revealing perfect teeth and replied, “It looks like it will be a nice day for sitting at the beach and working on my tan."
         Mark couldn’t believe his ears.  While he had thought her beautiful in looks, her voice only served to reinforce that idea.  It had a natural low sultriness to it, almost as if she was looking to seduce everyone she talked to.  He briefly imagined the two of them talking on the phone and having a discussion on the weather, and how wonderful her voice would sound as it seductively caressed his ear.  This caused a natural reaction, and he had to turn away and count his change to hide his embarrassment.
         That night while lying in bed, Mark once again thought about the mysterious blonde that kept turning up everywhere he went.  He thought of her face from the café that morning, and slowly remembered the details.  Her nose was sculpted, but looked perfect on her face.  He wondered if she’d had a nose job.  Her ears had been adorned with small hoop earrings.  He noticed that one ear was pierced three times, while the other was pierced four.  She turned once to reach into her purse, and pulled out a pair of metal framed glasses which she put on.  Mark almost gasped aloud at this, because he thought this made her radiant, her beauty easily seen by anyone who looked carefully.  When she turned her head to look at the paper, he saw her chin was dimpled with a small strawberry colored birthmark below the jawbone on the left side.  Of course his gaze wandered over her body, and he wondered what size bra she wore.  Her breasts were not overly large, but well proportioned for her frame.  He played a small game with himself, guessing at her measurements, and knew if he ever had the chance, he’d have to find out if he was right.  His thoughts along this line lead to a natural physical reaction, and he was surprised to find himself extremely aroused as he thought about her.  His mind continued fantasizing about her until his need was satisfied; then he rolled over and fell asleep.
         From that moment on, Mark became obsessed with this blonde woman.  No longer was he satisfied with just seeing her by accident during his daily routine.  Now he wanted to learn her name, discover where she lived, and learn more about her.  The next time their paths crossed was a Wednesday when he was at Best Buy getting a new DVD.  She was there looking at CD’s, and seemed oblivious to his presence.  Mark shopped longer than he planned, waiting for her to leave.  As she left the store, he was at the checkout counter completing his purchase.  He hurried to his car, not wanting to lose sight of her.  As she pulled out in her bright blue Mustang convertible, he followed; always keeping a car between the two of them.  She didn’t seem to notice his car as she leisurely drove down the Pacific Coast highway.  She finally turned off the highway and parked near the Huntington Beach pier.  Mark kept driving past her, averting his eyes in case she looked his way.  By the time he managed to find a parking space, she had disappeared into the crowd that is always present at the beach.  Frustrated, Mark left and drove home.  He didn’t see her for a couple of days, and began to wonder if she’d caught him as he followed her that Wednesday.
         But on Saturday, he saw her once again when he was out jogging.  This time, she was dressed in a pair of loose shorts with an oversize t-shirt that hid her buxom figure as she jogged.  Mark usually ran much faster than he did today, but he wanted to stay behind and observe her.  Though he had always dated thinner women, his obsession with her made him wonder what it would be like to know her, and make love to her.  Fortunately, just as he was starting to become sexually aroused, she stopped jogging and began her cool down routine.  Mark stayed off to one side watching her, enjoying see her large breasts sway as she slowly bent to one side, then the other as she stretched.  Knowing she would be a few minutes cooling down, Mark hurried to a nearby men’s restroom.  When he came back, he was surprised to see she was gone; he was sure she would have been stretching a bit longer.
         Mark continued to follow her every chance he got.  He noticed that she always took the time to make herself as beautiful as possible.  Her shoulder length blonde hair was usually tied up in one way or another, and her clothes always complimented her full figure.  Her favorite attire seemed to be a fashionable pair of jeans with a button up top.  If he had to guess, her favorite color would be blue, but he couldn’t be sure.  One day he managed to follow her home, and found that she lived in a condominium complex that was situated about a half mile from his house.  It was a closed complex requiring a key to get on to the grounds, so he wasn’t sure which condo was hers, but at least he knew where she lived.  He began to hang out around the complex, looking for her, wanting to see where she would go, or what she would do next.  He was so engrossed in watching for her, that he never noticed the police car as it pulled up behind him.

         “He’s clean Tom.”  Remarked Rob as he finished the pat down of Mark.
         “I see by your license that you are Mark Roubideaux of Garden Grove.  It shows you live at 10406 Ranney Avenue, is that correct?”
         “Yes officer, but what’s this all about?”
         “We’ve been watching you for a while now, and,,,,,,”
         Before the officer could say any more, Mark blurted out, “I know I shouldn’t have done it!  I know it was wrong to siphon a little money from the company.  But my girlfriend Cyndi was adamant about a vacation in Tahiti, and I can’t afford something like that.  Since I handle most of the finances with the company, I set a little aside each month.  Not enough to raise suspicion I thought……….”
         Mark stopped when he saw the surprised looks on the officer’s faces.
         “Sir, we are taking you in for a complaint of stalking.  But since you’ve confessed to embezzlement, we’ll look into those charges too.  You’ll have to come with us to the precinct.”

Jim Dorrell
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