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Jake and his squad travel into the jungle and make it to camp, but there is a problem.
  I really hate this jungle, there is no light at all. I can't see anything. Complaining is really all I have on this mission. I can't really think about anything else. Just how nervous and frightened I am of this mission. I know I been a private for a decent amount of time, but I have never actually had to use stealth to kill someone. It usually aim and fire, now I have to be strategic.
  "I can't see a thing." Sergeant Menson whispered.
  "Maybe open your eyes dipshit." Corporal Felon answered back.
  "Both of you, shut up." Lieutenant Johnson demanded. "We are a click till we make it to camp, just both of you keep your mouths shut and we will be there in no time."
  I was as quiet as the jungle itself. I learned most privates really don't have a right to talk freely until they earn respect from their troop leader. We only had meet each other a few times due to the fact that we were training for this mission.
  Most of the time the military would put us together to see how we cooperate but they had no time, they had to train us in a month and did not have time to see how good we are together. We either failed or we came back with the Intel. If they did take the time Menson and Felon would not be on this mission, well at least together.
  "Does this jungle even have an exit to the mountains or does it just go straight into them?" Sergeant Menson asked.
  "No, trees almost reach the top of the mountains." I answered.
  It felt good to at least say a word, just feels good to know that I'm not that nervous about the mission.
  "Shut your face, I didn't ask you." Sergeant Menson.
  Again I am learning I really don't have a right to talk in this squad yet. I am probably the only one besides the lieutenant that knows the terrain.
  "Private is right, this jungle has grown since the nuclear bombs." "Some have died and some have sprung to life." "No one knows why or how, just they know that this jungle reaches on for miles." Lieutenant Johnson replied.
  I am already getting tired, I could not sleep during the helicopter delivery. It was 0200 and I needed to sleep because I doubt we will not run into any patrol in the jungle or even the mountains. A good part about traveling this is that we don't have a lot of equipment to carry to our destination. Only ammo, two guns, a knife, and a sleep bag. Light for a mission like this. I couldn't show any weakness within me or my squad would rip me apart.
  "Does this jungle going to have any light coming through the trees?" Corporal Felon asked.
  "Does it look like it, dumbass." Sergeant Menson answered back.
  "It was rhetorical, asshole." Corporal Felon yelled back.
  I let a little laugh out. They both stopped in there footsteps with Lieutenant Johnson still walking on. I just realized I had made a mistake that I would regret.
  "What are you laughing at, scumbag?" Sergeant Menson said.
  "Nothing, just I coughed." I stumbled out.
  "You bet your ass you coughed, if you didn't something bad would of happen." Corporal Felon said while trying to intimidate me, it worked.
  " Come on, guys we are almost there." Lieutenant Johnson announced.
  They followed the Lieutenant and I couldn't move until they were at least ten feet away from me. I was more afraid of them now then the Russians. The funny thing about this is this was all done in whisper. How afraid would I be if they were yelling at me? I have no idea how they even managed in the military like that while talking to privates like that. Like I have been called all sorts of names, but that just scared the shit out of me.
  I would never let out a laugh or even cough ever again around Menson or Felon. I would have to respect them even though they probably don't respect anyone in our troop.
  "What's the distance till destination?" Sergeant Menson asked.
  "Half a click." Lieutenant Johnson whispered. "Watch out for patrol, they could be anywhere."
  Another great part about this mission is that we would only have the fire to eat, nothing else. We would not have it to sleep only because of patrol. This mission is probably going to be the hardest I will have until I get promoted.
  "Maybe if shitbag back there didn't have anchors in his pants we would be there already." Sergeant Menson teased.
  "Yep, catch up asshole." Corporal Felon also joined in the teasing.
  I just want to make it to camp so we could just eat then fall asleep.Hopefully they don't notice me at the camp. I would have to look for food so I will not be around them as much as I would.
  "This jungle is very unique." Lieutenant Johnson said.
  "Not really, just sucks." Corporal felon said.
  I was very hesitant to laugh, which I resisted too. This jungle does suck but is also pretty unique. Never seen a jungle or forest with so many dead trees, but this jungle also fills out the rest of it with trees that are blooming. Even with all the dead trees you could not see the night sky, there are a few points which you can but that is all. We will probably arrive at camp soon.
  I'm not really excited to hunt but to get away from the asshole duo will be a refreshing change. Thirty minutes and I'm already just want to be done with the mission, even though I was never excited about this mission in the first place. I guess I will have to stop complaining, or I will probably be eaten alive by this troop.
  "We should arrive any minute, it should just be a clear spot just big enough for us fit a fire and our sleeping bags." Lieutenant Johnson announced. "Be ready for anything, us being at camp won't make us safe." "It's 0300, we will let the fire run out at 0430 and then we will wake up at 0900 and proceed."
  "Finally we're here." Corporal Felon said.
  I was relieved that we were here also. I could just go hunting for some food and I can just focus on the mission and not how I have to hold back every word. The only one who didn't give me a problem yet was the Lieutenant probably because he is either not a dick or he experienced enough to act mature.
  "Should be beyond a few of these trees." Lieutenant Johnson said. " It's a small ditch that we should be fine in for the night."
  I was surprised when I saw a light coming from the trees in front of us. Looked like a small lamp or fire.The lieutenant stopped in his tracks. My heart sank on the spot, are we about to enter a fire fight. The lieutenant sneaked a peek through the trees. The lieutenant quickly pulled back and motioned for us to make a circle.
  "We got a tent on our camp sight." Lieutenant Johnson whispered.
  "Finally." Corporal Felon said.
  I looked at him, he seemed so excited that we are about to face Russians.When I faced a small army of men at Porm, I was sunken with fear. It was a surprise to me that I made it through.
  "This will NOT use our guns, we don't want to give our location to other men in the jungle." Lieutenant Johnson demanded.
  "Scumbag, this is where the fun starts." Sergeant Menson said to me.
  My squad layed down there guns so there is no temptation to fire. I followed them and layed my rifle on the ground followed by my pistol. I felt naked without them. I really hated not having my weapons.Only wielding my knife felt like it was me against the world. I would try to never use my knife on a mission, now I have to rely on it.
  My knife will be the only weapon I can rely on. Could this be it for me?
  To be Continued...
Chapter Three is done.
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