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by Sum1
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What happens when you fall in love, but are already committed, and can't leave?
Star Crossed Lovers

The stars in the midnight sky were abnormally bright,
Especially for this location, and this time of night
But the brightest star of all stood totally alone
Standing as if waiting, alone outside her home,

Dressed in a sheer nightgown, she stood there quite at ease
A nightgown that blew open, from the warm summer breeze
Waiting for her lover, or was he something more,
She wasn’t really sure; she’d been here many nights before

Her mind wandered back to the first time they had met,
He sauntered in from the fog, capturing her in his net
She couldn’t recall his voice, was it a tenor, or maybe deep
She did recall how he held her, but was it in her sleep?

The next thing she remembered was waking in her bed
Her nightgown in the corner, now completely torn to shreds
Her hair was terribly matted, her lips were chafed and dry
She couldn’t recall what they’d done, or when he’d said goodbye

The feeling that she felt, was one of being complete,
As if the two of them were one, but did they really meet?
Each night she’d wear a new gown, she hoped he would approve,
She never wanted it to be torn, but wanted it removed

With tender loving care, caresses that left her breathless,
Soft kisses on her lips, she always gave him complete access
Her womanly charms were his to take, do with as he pleased
As long as he loved her, was not there to tease

He finally arrived just as she shed a small tear
Then looked at her and said, “Let’s leave here now My Dear.”
Her heart melted, she felt her knees grow weak for him,
For this stranger, this man, was her quiet lover, Jim

“I can’t leave”, she said, while teardrops filled her eyes
“There’s the kids, my mother, I’m needed by their side.
You have claimed a part of me that they will never know,
Can’t you see it in my heart, can’t you see how it glows?”

“I know all that my dear,” he said, with a smile upon his face,
“That’s why I come at night, when they’re in another place
The night is ours, a time to share our hearts, minds, and souls
Tomorrow you will wonder, how does he make me whole?”

She looked at Jim and sighed, she couldn’t resist this night,
When stars kiss the sky with silver, making the land so bright,
Once again she was lost, in this feeling of being home
For while both lived with others, they were always alone

Jim always made her world sparkle, everything was right
As it should be when she dreams, on a warm summers night
But this time, the next morning, her gown lay on the floor,
In one piece, not torn to shreds, would she see him anymore?

The next night was warm, more so than all the rest,
And once again she stood outside, doing what she knew best,
He appeared again to her, much earlier than before
And she knew she would do this every night, with him she wanted more

Jim Dorrell
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