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My favorite group is Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I was thinking of them when I wrote this.
The Band

On the stage stands a lone man
His head bowed down, he’s ready again
He turns and takes his guitar from a stand
He looks to the sky, sighs softly, and…….

His arm swings slowly over the strings
The notes come forth as if on wings
A slow comfortable tune making the body sway,
Relaxing me slowly as the world floats away

On the next upswing the notes seem to float in the air
I am so enthralled, I have no cares
Softly the bass starts to harmonize
One can only sit and fantasize

Now the drummer strikes a slow sensual beat
Everyone listening is now on their feet
Right in the middle of it all, they stop on cue
Waiting for what, it seems only they knew

The lead guitarist jumps high in the air,
Strokes quickly the strings with nary a care
The bassist and drummer both take up the beat
I’m standing there amazed, tapping my feet

Suddenly a keyboard picks up like a thundering herd
Now the music’s so loud, one can’t hear a word
Everything is perfect, the crowd enraptured,
We all stand in silence, totally captured

Out of the darkness flashes a laser light show,
Flickering so fast on the people below
Like angels’ voices floating from the sky
The choir is heard singing of times gone by

Faster he jumps and whirls with his guitar,
Never missing a stroke, nor a music bar
His hair flings side to side as sweat flicks off his brow,
Til finally he kneels, and I know the time is now……

With a flick of his hand, the others go silent
What was once deafening is now deathly quiet
I hear him sigh and breathe deeply in this pause,
They leave the stage as one, to the roar of applause

The lights have been dimmed, the stage now quite dark
And the cheering keeps rising, lighting a spark
Sadly it’s over, for that was the last song
But it starts again tomorrow, my wait won’t be long

Jim Dorrell
October 16, 2008
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