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This is the romance of Kitty Bennett.
Eighteen year old Kitty Bennett sat at the piano playing romantic songs. She felt so lonely. Her sister Jane had married Charles Brimley, her sister Lydia had married a soldier that had caused quite a scandel and her sister Elizabeth had married the pompous ass Mr. Darcy who was really a good man and oh so handsome. Lucky Elizabeth. Kitty was the plain sister. She wore glasses and she worried that she would be an old spinster. All she had going was her music and being the youngest sister. Her umarried sister Mary was sophiscated and indeprndant. She didn't need a man to feel important. Kitty wished it was the same way for her. She decided to play a Mozart number on the piano. She made the music flow so beautifully. All of sudden, Kitty realized she wasn't alone. She saw a man with dark hair and blue piercing eyes. He was almost as handsome as Mr. Darcy. Kitty was startled. The man smiled and took off his hat. Kitty guessed that he was in his late twenties.

"I am Lawyer Aniston Langford. I am here to see Mr. Bennett. I didn't mean to startle you. I admire your piano playing."

"Thank you, Sir." Kitty felt her cheeks blush. "Father is probably in the library."

Just then Mr. Bennett appear. "Mr. Langford. I see you have met my daughter Kitty. I love her piano playing. Right this way, Mr. Langford." Mr. Bennett headed towards the library.

Aniston smiled at Kitty. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss." He bowed and followed Mr. Bennett.

Kitty smiled shyly. A handsome man in her parents home that was unspoken for she hoped. Just don't let him meet Mary. Mary was more beautiful then Jane and Elizabeth but Kitty wished that she looked like any one of her sisters. Kitty born last. The looks had ran out. Time to forgot about the handsome man. Kitty went back to her piano.

A hour later, Kitty's mother entered the room. "Oh, Kitty. Mr. Langford is joining us for supper. Why don't you wear your pretty blue dress? Maybe we can get you married off next. Oh! Don't wear the glasses at supper." Mrs. Bennett walked away. Kitty sighed. Mother's favorite daughter was Jane. Mother was only nice to her daughters in front of people. Kitty would be stuck with her parents forever. She would try to impress Mr. Langford. Thank goodness, Mary was in London for awhile. Kitty would try to get Mr. Langford's attention at supper tonight.

Kitty dressed for supper and took off her glasses. She wore her pretty blue dress. She slowly made her way downstairs. Kitty couldn't see anything. She made her way to the table and Mr. Langford pulled out her chair for her. Kitty almost missed the chair but Mr. Langford helped her in her chair. She thanked him.

Kitty ate her dinner but dropped gravy on the tablecloth. She was seated next to Mr. Langford and she accidently spilled her drink of water on him.

"I am so sorry, Mr. Langford."

"It is alright, Miss." Aniston smiled at her. He wandered why the poor girl wasn't wearing her glasses. She was pretty without them. He felt sorry for Kitty. Mrs. Bennett yelled at Kitty and called her a slob. Kitty said in a low voice that she wouldn't have this problem if she could wear her glasses but her mother didn't want her to.

"Mrs. Bennett, if I may be so bold. Miss Bennett needs to wear her glasses. Wearing glasses isn't a shame. The poor girl as nervous as a cat."

Mrs. Bennett was speechless. "Nellie, go get Kitty's glasses. Nellie the maid bowed and went to get Kitty her glasses. Kitty smiled and thanked Mr. Langford. Aniston didn't like Mrs. Bennett. No wonder, Mr. Bennett hid in the library a lot.

Kitty finished supper with no more incidents and after supper, Mr. Bennett invited Aniston into the library. He said he would like to hear Kitty play the piano. Kitty was over joyed and Kitty, her parents and Mr. Langford went to the parlor as Kitty played beautiful tunes on the piano.

It was getting late and Mr. Langford was leaving and asked Kitty if she would accompany him to Bath next weekend for a concert. Kitty accepted. Aniston kissed Miss Kitty's hand and told her he would see her Saturday at 6:00PM.

The whole week Mrs. Bennett picked out the dress Kitty would wear. It was a emerald dress and Mrs. Bennett picked out pearls and a pearl bracelet to match. She reminded Kitty to stand up straight and walk with her head held high. Kitty thought her mother was inbearable but at least she was going to be courted by a man. Mary had come home and couldn't wait to meet Kitty's suitor. This made Kitty nervous.

Saturday night arrived and Mr. Langford was on time. He presented Kitty with a bouquet of pink roses.

"You look lovely, Mis Bennett." Aniston smiled at Kitty. Kitty blushed and thanked him.

Mrs. Bennett introduced him to Mary. Mary smiled and held out her hand and Aniston shook her hand but didn't kiss it. He thought Mary was beautiful but Kitty held his attention.

Aniston shook Mr. Bennett's hand and told him he would have Kitty home by 11:00 PM. Aniston and Kitty got into Aniston's carriage. It was fancy with white trim and lanterns on the side. Kitty thought Aniston must be a rich lawyer.

Aniston sat beside Kitty and told the driver to carry on.

"Miss Bennett, how did you learn to play the piano?"

"Mother hired a music instructor when I was six and I have played ever since. Do you play, Mr. Langford? "

"Aniston, please. No, I just love music."

Just then the carriage rocked and Kitty bumped into Aniston. She blushed. "I am so sorry."

Aniston laughed. "Quite alright. You have your glasses on. So you can see me this time." Kitty smiled. Aniston kissed Kitty's cheek but he thought he shouldn't have done that. They arrived at the Concert. They got seats in the top balcony. The music was good and Aniston couldn't keep his eyes off Kitty. Kitty had never had a man look at her like Aniston did. She liked it. After the Concert, Aniston and Kitty got back into the carriage and Kitty was so tired.

"How did you like the concert?"

Kitty smiled. "I loved it. Thanks for inviting me."

"I am glad I met someone who likes music. I am always busy with cases and don't get out much. Your smile lightens up a room."

Kitty blushed. "It is nice to make a new friend. I don't go out much and you met mother. She has a way of putting a damper on fun." Kitty couldn't believe that she had just said that. Aniston loved it but smiled and didn't answer. Mrs. Bennett was like a dragon. He heard Mr. Darcy thought the same thing.

Kitty fell asleep and Aniston held her. He was falling for Kitty. When they arrived at the Bennett house, Kitty woke up and was embarrassed to find that she was in Mr. Langford's arms but she liked being here. Aniston walked Kitty to the door and kissed her. Kitty had never been kissed and she hated when the kiss ended. This was great. She had been missing out on this.

"Miss Kitty, will you be at Dawson Ball next week?"

"Yes, my parents, Mary, my sisters Jane and Elizabeth wil be there as well."

"I will see you then." Aniston kissed Kitty's cheek and Mrs. Bennett opened the door.

"Oh, you are home. Mr. Langford. Thank you. Kitty is somewhat of a wall flower." Mrs. Bennett tried to act like someone she wasn't.

"Kitty and I had a delightful time. I will see you and your family at the Dawsons next week." Aniston bowed and winked at Kitty. He left to get in his carriage.

Mrs. Bennett grabbed Kitty's hand and pulled her inside. "He was kissing your cheek. You must have impressed him. He ignored Mary completely. I trust nothing inappropriate and indescent happened between you and Mr. Langford."

"Mother. I would never behave like that. Is it a crime to be escorted by a man? For once, he focused his attentions on me and not Mary. I get tired of being the plain one. The sister who will be a spinster. I will be seeing Mr. Langford next week."

Kitty went to her room. What did her mother want? She hoped Mr. Langford would be the one to make her dreams come true.

Kitty didn't speak to her mother that week. She picked out a scarlet red dress for the dance. Mrs. Bennett wasn't happy but Mary told her mother to leave Kitty alone and Mrs. Bennett did. Aniston came over with some legal documents for Mr. Bennett to sign. He stayed for supper and after supper, Kitty and Aniston were alone in the study.

Aniston kissed Kitty and held her for awhile. "Kitty, I know we don't know each other well but I would like for you to be my wife. I know you are right for me. I love you and I am sure we will have a great future together. I am so drawn to you. I did counseling for your sister Elizabeth and her husband Darcy and they told me about you. I am so glad they did. It gets lonely being a lawyer. I have money and no one to share my life with. Will you be my wife?"

Kitty hugged Aniston. "Yes, Aniston, I will be your wife. Thank goodness, you met my sister Elizabeth. I am so happy. What about father?"

"I am not marrying your father. I asked him and he approves. Your mother does, too." Aniston hugged Kitty and kissed her.

"We had better get back to your family. We will announce our engagement at the Dawsons Ball. You will have your ring then. Kitty, I love you."

"I love you, too, Aniston."

Kitty and Aniston announced their engagement at the Ball. Kitty hugged Darcy and Elizabeth and Jane and Charles were so happy for her. Mrs. Bennett strutted like a peacock. Mary decided that she needed to find a husband. She wasn't going to stay with her parents forever. Kitty and Aniston were married and moved to London. Kitty had a fancy house just like Pemberly. Life was good for Kitty.
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