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My wolfess Zena is on the Hunt. Class Assignment. Class over. Passed.
The Hunt

Zena crouched on the ground. Her long ears rotated, catching the familiar sound. Her nose twitched, catching the familiar scent of iron. Her eyes darted left and right, catching every movement. The wind blew, causing Zena to shiver in her fur slightly.

Another group of outlaws, she thought. Guess I could do with a bit of fun. Maybe tonight will be the night my torment ends, and I won't see their faces any more.

She slowly crept forward, carefully watching her footing. She wanted nothing to betray her position. Her wolf senses told her everything. There was a large number of people, of a wide mix of races. She could smell feline, canine, rabbit, and one scent that caused her to expose her teeth in a wicked smile.

Ah, one of those guys, she thought. I'm going to have fun killing him.

Again, she heard the sound, one that brought back painful memories. She could hear the screams, the crunch of bone, smell the scent of blood. She could see the faces of the men. She could hear him, and hear his laughter.She could smell his scent, see his evil eyes. She could feel her hips moan in pain, feel her shoulders scream, heard her heart race in aching pain. She felt the pain she had received, and it caused her to give a low growl.

He won't hurt me again, she thought. And this one will never hurt another person again!

She slowly moved forward, her eyes, ears, and nose scouting for anything that would give her an opening, or an advantage. She heard some footsteps, heard them coming towards her.

Shit, she thought. If I move, he'll find me. If I stay, well I won't like it.

She slowly slipped her hand towards her waist, and wrapped her hand around something that felt like wood.

Guess this is my opening, she thought. All I have to do is wait, and then I'll dispatch him, and kill the others later. Let the hunt start.

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