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Wondering how I would find money for Christmas, then realized how rich I really am
Christmas Reflections

I know I’ve been happy, I know I’ve been sad,
Throughout my life, good times outweighed the bad
Now it’s December and Christmas is near,
But it seems I couldn’t find, my holiday cheer

Money is always tight, more so this year,
As the days went by, it dampened my cheer
I couldn’t find a single reason to smile
I felt so unhappy; yet all the while

Millions of others have more troubles than I
My worries are insignificant when I look in their eyes
I feel humbled, unworthy, self-centered and ashamed
I don’t have it so bad; and only me to blame

There are those who are afraid, cannot voice their concerns,
I’ve seen many others who have so much to learn
I’ve seen violence and death, in the name of God
Of this he can’t approve, and finds it quite odd

I’ve seen children who’re sick and live in starvation
While we eat good meals, but are such a wasteful nation
My eyes fill with tears as I sit and realize
How I have it so good, and never surmised

That there are those who cannot see nor hear
And so many more who live in great fear
I’ve never had to experience a life such as this,
I’ve lived an existence with very little amiss

In looking at things with eyes open wide
I realize I have much more than just pride
My feelings are uplifted, on spread wings I soar
I realize once again that I have so much more

I have a good life, I’m alive and healthy
So what if I’m broke and not very wealthy
At Christmas we should spread great cheer and rejoice
There are others worse off, without hope or choice

Jim Dorrell
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