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The true story of a teen boy staying away from drugs and alcohol but paying with a price
I was born July 18 1995. I am now 15 years old and wishing my days can go back to elementary. Golden memories came from those years and every time i think about it, my heart gets warm and peace forms my mind. Those were the days where things like drugs and alcohol didnt fit in are vocabulary. Middle school was a blur to me and cant recall on good memories. High school is where it all started. My freshmen year was the most shocking year of my life. During the first quarter i would hang out with 10-20 people. Then the upper grades introduces weed to my friends. During lunch, most of my friends would go to a place called the "Pit", where you would get high and meet other fellow stoners. When i was asked to go to the pit i quickly declined and said i had more important things to do. I became friends with a whole other group, many called them nerds but i called them my friends. Like me, they felt proud that they havent smoke or drank and we enjoyed are lifes just the way they are. After my freshmen year i decided i needed to keep myself from becoming bored so i began working at a grocery during the summer. I was never asked to smoke or drink during my summer because i was busy working. My life couldnt get much better. As my Sophmore year approached i dreaded that my new group of friends have become stoners and drinkers just like most of the teens at my school, but they havent. So even to this day i thank god for such a great group of friends and thank myself for keeping my soul pure and clean. But i am still asked everyday if i want to party or smoke and i always say no and i plan to always so no. I fear the next generation of kids are getting worst with these methods and more are smoking and drinking.Maybe its the lack of parental attention or kids just wanna be cool but in my mind, drugs and alcohol are not cool and should be avoided and for the rest of my high school years, i will stick with my friends and avoid the old ones.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1720902