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Our favorite Pride and Prejudice characters hope to have a Merry Christmas.
Lizzie was so excited. She had gotten a letter from Mary and Mary and her husband would be home for Christmas. Mary and Brandon had been gone for almost a year to the Caribbean. Lizzie missed her sister so much. Lizzy and Darcy were expecting their baby at Christmas. Her sister Kitty and her husband were coming to Pemberly and bringing their two month baby girl. Jane lived close by and she and Charles were bringing their two year old twin boys. They were a handful but there was plenty of staff to run after them. Lizzie felt sad when she thought of Lydia. No one had heard from Lydia. She prayed Lydia was happy and alright. Darcy had promised her they would have a good Christmas. Lizzie smiled. She and three of her sisters would be there. Mother and Father would be there. Mother. She hoped Mother would behave but she would have all her kittens around her. Lizzie burst out laughing. Darcy came up behind Lizzie and kissed her cheek. She embraced Darcy and kissed him. "I was just thinking of Mother and she should be happy as long as she has her kittens around her."

"Hopefully, they won't lose their mittens." Darcy laughed. Lizzie loved when Darcy laughed. Before her, he had barely smiled. Darcy was happy he had Lizzie. He had money and love. What more could a man ask for?

The ship was rocking all over the sea. At eight months pregnant, Mary was sick. She wasn't sea sick on the trip to the Caribbean. Now, she was pregnant. A big wave came over the ship and knocked Mary down. Brandon came over to Mary and helped her up. "Harla, take her below." Brandon touched Mary's cheek and forehead. She was burning up with fever. "Harla! Where in Hades are you?"

"Right here, sir." Brandon and Harla took Mary to her cabin.

"She has that fever. This isn't good." Brandon looked worried.

"Sir, I took some herbs and spices with us from the Caribbean. All the people treated with these herbs and spices survived the fever. Mary will be alright. I will brew her some tea with the herbs and spices." Harla smiled. Harla was born in a Work House and when she was older, she left to travel with gypsies. She had learned a lot of spells and learned how to survive. She later worked as a bar wrench and Mr. Darcy hired as one of his maids at Pemberly and paid her well. She had days off and money to buy nice clothes. Meeting Mr. Darcy was the best thing that could have ever happened to her. She was now Mary's maid and Mary and her were really close. She wouldn't let anything happen to Mary.

"I am depending on you, Harla. You heal my Mary, you can have anything you want."

"Sir, I have a good life. I love serving Mary." Harla had a great life now.

"I know about you and my First Mate, Fabian. I will give you two my blessing. Just heal my Mary."

Harla blushed. "Sir, I didn't know anyone knew. Thank you, Sir. I will now brew Mary the healing tea." She bowed and left.

Mary layed in bed and tossed. She was thinking about the beautiful cottage that she and Brandon lived on the island. She wanted to see her family. Brandon was taking her home to her family. They were going to build a nice home like Pemberly. He would do anything for Mary and the baby. Mary thought of her family, the baby and Brandon. She heard Harla say: "Mary, drink this cup of tea." Mary was too weak to drink the tea but Harla and Brandon helped Mary sit up and drink the tea.

Back at Pemberly, Jane and Charles arrived with their twin boys. Lizzie and Jane hugged for so long. Jane told the twins to kiss Lizzie. They licked Lizzie's cheek.

Jane was furious. "You boys aren't dogs! You apologize!"

The boys ran off and knocked a Ming Vase off the table near by. Luckily, Iris, one the maids caught it.

Charles ran after the boys as did Jane and they privately took the boys outside and spanked them. They behaved for awhile.

Darcy hoped Pemberly would survive these boys.

Just then Mrs. Bennett arrived with Mr. Bennett. Mrs. Bennett hugged her daughters. "I got a letter from Mary. She said she and Brandon were sailing home from the Caribbean and would be home for Christmas."

"I got a letter, too. I can hardly wait to see Mary." Lizzie was all smiles.

"You look so pretty being with child. I love having grandchildren. Don't you Mr. Bennett?"

Mr. Bennett put down his book. "Yes, Dear. I love having grandkids."

Mrs. Bennett ran to the twins and kissed them. The twins made faces. She took the boys to the Family Room to see the Christmas Tree. The tree was eight feet tall and quite a beauty. The fireplace near by had several Christmas stockings and Mrs. Bennett pointed them out to the twins.

Georgiana and her husband Weston were on a couch near by in an embrace. Mrs. Bennett gave Weston a icy look and then said to Georgiana. "Oh. I see you and your husband are here as well."

"Pemberly is my home and Weston is my husband and it is his home as well. You are a guest."

"Yes, of course. I bought the boys to see the tree and decorations." Mrs. Bennett wasn't happy.

"Stay as long as you like." Georgiana disliked Mrs. Bennett.

"Thank you." Just then one of the boys knocked a candle over on the rug and Mrs. Bennett and Weston got a blanket and put out the fire. "Thank you, Weston." Mrs. Bennett took the boys and left the room.

Mary was doing better. Her cheeks were rosy. "Brandon, I feel so much better." Her fever had broke.

Brandon kissed her cheek. He felt Mary's stomach and the baby had kicked. Brandon felt relieved. He would make good on his promise to Harla. If he wasn't a happily married man in love, he would have the pretty blonde Harla in his bed. Brandon no longer behaved liked that. He was glad. Mary was the light of his life.

"Sir, the storm seems to be getting worse." This was his First Mate Fabian talking.

"I know. We have been through a lot of storms. I have faith that you and my crew will get us out of this storm." Brandon wished he felt as confident as he sounded. Thunder and lightning flashed and the ship seemed to turn more to the right side. He prayed they would be alright. The ship rocked too and forth and were ready to crash into some large rocks. The ship was having problems staying in the water.

Kitty and her husband arrived at Pemberly with their new daughter. Mrs, Bennett embraced her immediately. Christmas was two days away. Darcy had several presents for everyone even the ornery twins. The twins had broken a flower vase that had been in the family for years.

Kitty played the piano and the Bennett family and Darcy, Georgiana and her husband sang Christmas Carols. No one had heard the knock on the door. Iris came into the room and Lydia and two young children were with her!

"What are you doing here?" Darcy hissed.

Lizzie grabbed Darcy's hand. "Please, Darcy, she is my sister." Lizzie hugged Lydia. Lydia's eyes were sunken in and she was so skinny. Her dress was blue at one time but it was dirty and tattered. The three year old boy wore dirty clothes and the little girl was dirty as well but she was a pretty little girl. She looked like a six year old Lydia.

"Darcy, Wickum left us. He left us in the street and he took off with his whore. He said he never loved me and he doesn't want his children or me. Please. My children are hungry. I promise Wickum won't show up. Kick me out if you must but not my babies." Lydia was crying.

"Iris, take the children and wash them up and give them a meal. Have someone take care of Miss Lydia and get all of them into clean clothes. You and your children can stay for awhile but I will get you a nice house and a job. I will give you some money to start out. I won't turn you and your children away. I am not a monster. If Wickum shows up, I will shoot him on sight!" Darcy left the room.

Lydia yelled out "Thank You!" Mrs. Bennett hugged Lydia. "Oh, Mother I am so sorry. I love and miss my family."

"You are home now." Mrs. Bennett, Lizzie and Kitty embraced their sister.

Lizzie went up to Darcy and hugged him, "Thank you for being so nice to Lydia. I love you."

"I love you, too. I couldn't turn those children away. Lydia and those children are your family. She made a mistake and shw knows it now. I have a heart. She looked so sad. I did it for you."

Just then there was a knock on the door. If this was Wickum, he was a dead man! Darcy went to answer the door. A young man Stanley Addams was at the door. Stanley worked for Mr. Darcy.

"Darcy, there is a bad storm at sea and your sister in-law Mary and her husband Brandon are at sea. We have ships out but there is no sign of your family members. I am sorry, Sir being almost Christmas."

"Thank you, Stanley. Get my best men and send more ships out. If I have to, I will go out myself." Darcy dismissed the man and went to tell his wife's family.

Lizzie cried. Darcy embraced her. He promised them he would have his best men track them down. Why couldn't it be bad news about Wickum?

The family didn't sleep well that night. The next day, the family talked about happy memories.

"Remember when Mary tamed that wild black stallion Hercules?" Lizzie smiled. Lizzie had been having bad pains but she tried to ignore them. She thought they were a false alarm. Darcy asked if she was alright and she said she was.

"Your sister Mary was always stubborn and I bet she argued with the ocean and the ocean is probably scared of her." Mrs. Bennett wasn't giving up on her daughter.

It started to snow and get cold. Darcy was glad he and Lizzie's family were all safe. He prayed Mary and Brandon were, too. Mary was his favorite sister-in-law.

Just then Lizzie yelled her water broke and Darcy carried her to their room. Iris knew how to deliver babies. She held Lizzie's hand and the baby was due to be born. Lizzie yelled and pushed and a baby boy was born. Lizzie was so happy. He was healthy Iris told her. She had looked him all over.

Darcy came in and asked Lizzie why didn't she tell him she was having pains.

"I was hoping to wait until tomorrow. Just in time for Christmas." Lizzie smiled. Darcy kissed Lizzie's cheek. Kitty, Lydia, Jane and Mrs. Bennett came to visit Lizzie and the baby. A birth of a baby is always a beautiful event.

The next morning, Lizzie woke up and nursed her baby. They named him Jarred Darcy. Lizzie hated to be in bed for Christmas but she was going down later to open gifts and have Christmas dinner. Mrs. Bennett didn't leave Lizzie's side.

The family meal was being served and Lizzie was up for dinner. They were going to open presents afterwards. Everyone loved the turkey and duck dinner. Darcy didn't spare any expenses.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Iris opened the door and Mary, Brandon and Harla walked in!

"Mary!" Lizzie hugged her as did her sisters, mother and Darcy.

"Lydia! You are here!" Mary hugged Lydia and kissed her cheek.

"I am free of my awful husband. Darcy is going to help me and my children. I am so happy to be here with my family. You are alive!"

"Of course, I am alive!" Mary hugged her sisters and mother again.

"What happened?" Darcy asked.

"The storm was rough but we kept the ship from sinking and hitting the rocks. Do you believe in Angels? I swore an angel helped us keep the ship afloat and awy from the rocks."

"Mary! You are having a baby!" Lizzie exclaimed as she noticed Mary's stomach.

"Yes. We are in another month or so." Mary smiled.

"I was so worried. We were all worried. I just had my baby last night." Lizzie was so happy.

"I want to see it!" Mary squealed. She grabbed Lizzie's hand.

Mary, Lizzie and her sisters went upstairs to be with the baby. Mary got to meet Lydia's children.

"Jarred is so beautiful. So are your children, Lydia. Kitty, you have a beautiful baby girl. I can't wait to have mine!" The sisters hugged and Mrs. Bennett had just come upstairs and joined in the embrace as well.

There were gifts for all. Brandon had a house built a mile away from Pemberly. It was a like a smaller version of Pemberly. Mary was so happy. Mary also got a pearl necklace from her husband. Lizzie got an expensive emerald ring from Darcy. Lydia got new dresses, a nice ruby bracelet and her children got some toys as well. Georgiana and Weston found out that they were expecting, too. Snow continued to fall. It looked like a Norman Rockwell scene or Thomas Kincaid picture. Christmas at Pemberly. A beautiful sight!

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