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The profile of my main character of my Planet Animalus series.
Zena's Profile

Real name: unknown

Alias: Commonly called Zena, her grandmother's name (looked enough like her to have been her twin) other aliases include, but not limited to, Swallowing Zena, Bringer of Death, Savior of Slaves, Murdereress of Outlaws, The Uncatchable Thief, and a list of others

Race: Grey Wolf/Grey Fox (note. foxes, and those of their blood, are natural telepaths. Also, they can't lie, but they can certainly tell some tall tales)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual, however, prefers females over men, and the only man she'll sleep with is her husband, and she barely sleeps with him, but then again, the guy is a nomad, and has other women to care for his needs. ***note*** Her husband is sterile***

Occupations: Thief (robbed museums that most thieves couldn't) and Vigilante (Killed Outlaws to free their slaves, as well as personal revenge), wife (she married a former soldier to keep from being in prison for the rest of her life), mother/aunt to husband's many children (note, due to an event in her past, she is unable to have any children of her own)

Crimes committed: Robbed at least fifty museums, minimal, assaulted, at least, 200 security guards, 1000 police officers, 100 soldiers, 20 Wild Beast officers (But, she never killed any of them, though many were severally crippled after their encounter with her) murdered, at least, several hundred outlaws, many by dismemberment, in one fashion or another, kidnapped over three dozen nomads, and raped them (though she did release them after she had sex with them, as it was a biological need at the time)

Reward: one million (unit of money not to be stated, so no dollars, pounds, yen, whatever)

Current occupation: Supreme Commander of the Wild Beasts (Hey! How do you suppose a criminal became an officer in the first place? Tell you later.) Owner of the Hungry Wolf and Snake, a tasting house in Grass City, one of the first cities built when planet was colonized, Security Consultant (People hire her to break into their home to test out their security systems) ( Now why would people want to hire her to do that if she is a thief?) (Okay, spoiler, she turned herself in, and later on, reformed herself. Oh, and she got pardoned for her crimes, after a certain event.)

Date of birth: Around 4030 A.S. (years after Animalus is settled, not Common Era) that would be, about 10,030 A.D. or C.E.

Age: JUST UNDER FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OLD?!?! (Okay, after that certain event, she became immortal, spoiler later)

Height: originally seven feet in height, currently Thirty feet tall (started to grow after certain event) **note** tends to walk on all fours, which means that her head is about ten feet above the ground. Length of body, from hips to shoulders, twenty feet.

Wears: A robe of one sort, or another. Has, at least, several gold-plated, steel bracelets (worth more to her than anything else, as they were given to her by her lovers.) will use glasses on occasion, especially when reading small print. Tends to wear grey fingerless gloves on her hands, or front paws.

Medical information: Has broken every single bone in her body, at one point or another, some multiple times. (Note, broken tails are really, really, painful) Been burned multiple times, with various substances. Been shot, stabbed, strangled, and just about every other thing out there, all on numerous occasions. Has arthritis, a lifetime of injuries will do that.

Powers: Has an accelerated healing rate, which she had long before she became immortal, just for you to know. Has immunity to various venoms and poisons, making her a walking anti-venom, or poison, factory, (she HAD to become immune). Has telepathic abilities, can make people see things that are not real, or as they appear. Can read someone’s mind, and be able to know their language, if they speak a different one than her, and speak it fluently. (Last two abilities are not very common in many telepaths, not even foxes) Can swallow things larger than her head, hence her alias, Swallowing Zena, Can move her organs, and stretch her stomach, which allows her to store a lot of things inside of her body. Very fast, very strong, and a quick learner. (All three of these were what kept her both alive and one step ahead of the law when she was a criminal)

Home: Lives in Grass City.

Financial status: Very wealth, though she tends to donate large sums of money to those who are less fortunate, as she knows what it is like to have no one to care for oneself, go hungry, as well as other things. Of course, this wealth attracts criminals like the plague. However, she has lots of live traps set up at her house, not to protect her money, or her valuables, but those who live with her, like her lovers and extended family members.

Places that she has been: Let's say that it is easier to say where she doesn't go to, and on Animalus, those would be mountainous areas with lots of snow. (Bad Memories.)
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