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Second chapter of Kuroshitsuji Parodu. Hope you like it. YAY
My eyes felt so heavy. I really wanted to continue sleeping, but a feeling kept me from doing so. Ciel. Oh, God.
"Ci-el." I pronouced slowly, as if every letter sent a spasm of pain through my brain. Desire collided with duty in the few calm moments that followed. Where was Sebastian? Just when I needed him, he had to ditch me and ignore my mental plea.
"Grng . . ." Oh! Ciel grunted next to me. My mind shook itself into alertness. I figured that he was as binded as me, maybe less. He - the master- was hurt. It was my personal mission to make sure he wasn't supposed to get hurt.
I whispered softly into his ear, "C - Master, are you alright?"
Ciel's dark, ocean-blue eyes opened. His patch was gone, probably being bidded off by our enemies. Wait, what? What did I just say? Well, I guess his enemy was mine, because I was his woman-destructo-thing. He shocked me by the vulnerability in his eyes. My own eyes widened, I think they resembled entire forests. My thick brown blob of hair tied clumsily - obvisously by a man's hands - in a braid.
"Annabe-" Ciel couldn't finish for several shaded men stalked into the black room. One of them seperated us, dragging me to the opposite side of the room. And put me on my side. They were in trouble. Heh. But my laughing, jaunty mood ended instantly when another shadow man shoved his foot into Ciel's stomach.
In response to Ciel's coughing up blood, I hissed and threw myself at the nearest liability to their group. He buckled under my sudden pressure.
"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY MASTER!" Was all that came out my throat besides grunts and groans and breath.
By the time Sebastian came to Ciel's rescue, half my body was bruised, and more than a third of the men were lying facedown. He grinned at my state of being. I spat out blood in his direction. Ciel just sat, waiting to be untied.
"Untie Annabell, Sebastian." He said obnoxiously. After he was released of his leathery burden, Ciel stood with his arms crossed, his nose bleeding slighty.
"Yes, my Lord." Sebastian put his arms around me. His demonic red eyes burned into mine.
"You try flirting with me, I'll rip your arms off." I growled viciously. My eyebrows wanted to furrow in hate but I felt an electric shock at his light, dark touch. So my eyebrows went upwards instead of my intended direction. I decided to go for something much more agreeable, like a growl or a glare.

We are now at the Phantomhive mansion. The hare-brained trio cried out when they saw Ciel dirtied up. Fin was actually going to cry. Then they saw me. Ugh, Maylene might've had a heart attack at all my cuts. Bard pulled out a large gun and aimed it at the sky, the English way of doing so. How trivial.
I wiped my damaged lip rebelliously and murmured, "The others look worse." That seemed to be all I had to say. Later that very same night, I knocked on Ciel's bedroom door.
"Come in." Ciel's voice answered. He sat perched in his large, overgrown bed. Such a typical, rich bed. It's almost like he liked doing so. I remembered his eyes when I awoke, and my heart gave a hard tug for the boy. He was only twelve. He looked so fragile when he was covered in bandages - that is, until you looked in his eyes. They were hard as ever.
My mouth opened but I couldn't force the words out. What I wanted to say is that I'm glad I'm working for him. What I needed to say is that I'll protect him, just to see that delicate side of him. But my throat closed. Telling him with my eyes wouldn't work either. I'd battled many people, trained with thousands of senseis, but this boy . . . He was like a brother to me, in an unrelated way.
"What is it, Annabell?" He asked in an annoyed tone.
I sighed. "I will protect you." That was all. My feelings conveyed in one sentence. Green to blue, and blue-green to red. Sebastian was right behind me.
"Of course you will." Sebastian cooed. Oh . . . How I wanted to hit and pound him. I wanted, at that specific moment, to pulverize his pretty face and tear out his liver. But that would be very unladylike. Heh heh. Only soceity would mind it if I kicked the butler's butt into oblivion.
My body turned around slowly. My eyes stared into his - his ruby eyes seemed to beckon me. I knew what I had to do. I had to make a trecherous pact with the demon in order to fully protect the Master. Yes, we were partners. We were, are, and - hopefully - always will be. Forgive me, God, but Ciel is precious. I knew then that Sebastian had a reason to protect Ciel so fully. But while Sebastian is off fighting all those bad men out there, Ciel's alone in the supernatural world. That's where I come in. I protect the Master. Sebastian kicks the butts of our haters. That will be the system, and we'll occasionally rotate.
"Thank you. May I talk to you after you dress the Master?" I said as a question. I tried my hardest not to be drawn to him, and my body slumped in tired defeat when I closed the door.
My room isn't large. No, it was five times smaller than Ciel's but it had acceptable furnishings.
It was better than a dirt, mud, and/or watery floor.
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