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deep thoughtful emotions display what matters and what lies ahead
Rolling up the window she laughs
at the way the water runs down
the fender, a rainbow appears
As the sun beats down upon her face
I see clearly
the reason why I came here now
I see clearly the answer to every question
It began with a suggestion
Love Never entered my mind
Could not think that far into the future
I was half blind
Afternoon memory
dreaming of a place inside my mind
Rolling up his sleeve
the day
Begins for him the same way
Every year on the interstate
his name sake
has it replaced what was once his destiny
ever wonder why
you never even try
when every day
it is sitting right in front of you
Make believe
have a thought
share it with another
Make a wish and soon you will discover
you’re the rain bow
Dancing in the eye of a thousand mellow gods
wake up
see your own horizon
it is not that far off
and take your coat off
My friend
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