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an endless search for her luv who always run away from her.

I looked for you in the dense woods, in the streets, along the ridges, Asked for you to the chirping sparrows, the budding flowers and the bee sitting on it, the bustling leaves of tree...

You were nowhere to be seen; your pleasant thoughts followed me everywhere.

I turn around to catch a glimpse of you, stretch out my arms to cuddle you, my legs run to catch your pace, want your fingers to play with my ringed wavy hair .My shivering lips thirsty to feel yours. I don’t blink for you might again run away. I won’t let you walk off my life so easily.

When I open my mouth, you know what I want to speak, you read my mind, why can't you read my pounding heart which wants you right here.

This weather is flickering..clouds overcasted the sky, darkness shadowing sunlight..sweets will you too change like this .it’s so sultry here..Over there! Appears like a gigantic storm drawing nearer..Hold my hands dear..Hey! Where the hell have you disappeared.. why don’t you understand me..I took so many pains to find you………..

All promises broken..You are lost..am again deserted…bah..this loneliness will engulf me

Oh! Almighty why you give me something when it’s not destined to be mine..!!

But wherever you be, wherever you hide, you can never escape my love!!!!!!!!!
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