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Day after day Larry came so close to enjoying life's surprises.
Larry stood in line. The clerk behind the counter rung up sale after sale of lotto tickets and gas. Larry flopped a twenty on the counter and asked for five tickets. The man who just finished checking out screamed, “I won $10,000!” He pushed out the door, jumped in a Grand Am and drove away. Larry scratched his tickets – nothing.

On the drive home, a large crowd appeared to be dispersing. He rolled down his window. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“Oh, Uncle Kracker just gave an impromptu concert. You just missed them. They were awesome. I even got an autograph.” The man showed him a scribbled signature on a notepad.

Larry rolled back up the window and noticed his oil light pop on. He shook his head. He pulled over and turned off the engine. He clicked on the radio.

“If you’re the tenth caller you win the grand prize!” the announcer exclaimed.

Larry pulled out his cell and after a few busy signals, he heard it ring.

“Thanks for calling. Caller nine. <click>”

He decided to walk the rest of the way home, noting where his car rested. Maybe if I get some fresh air, my luck will change. He strolled down the street trying to enjoy the triple mood buster of light breeze, sunshine, and 75 degrees. He smiled at his near misses of the day, even chuckling a few times.

A scream from several stories above caught his attention and he shielded his eyes from the bright sun. A grand piano plummeted toward him. With no time to react, he braced for impact. The piano smashed into the concrete mere inches from his toes.

Larry stared at the sudden pile of boards and wire. Maybe just missing isn’t so bad after all.

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