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Manny Hardin begins interview process for a new Bunny Girl
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The Blindfold

Manny Harden belonged to an organized crime syndicate. He was involved in a sensitive area of criminal activity, so sensitive that his life was continuously on the line. His job was to select females to work in this special enterprise and the Mob was not going to suffer any lapses in judgment. He'd been keenly disappointed when Sandra washed out but the guidelines were clear.

“Send in Ms. Toliver,” he said into the intercom.

The door opened and in walked an attractive twenty-two year old female.

“Take a seat. May I call you, Lillian?”

“Please do,” she answered confidently.

“Lillian, you meet all the prerequisites for the internship. In the next month you’ll be presented with a series of trials which will test your suitability. Only about one girl in twenty successfully completes the screening process... follow?”

“I like a challenge, Mr. Harden.”

“For each hurdle you’ll be given $5,000 in cash in addition to a weekly salary of $2,500. If at any time you feel you can’t continue, just say so and the evaluation will cease… With me?”

“I’m told the starting salary for the job is $100,000 a year.”

“Yes, but first you have to qualify... Throughout the process you’ll be expected to follow the guidelines without question. The purpose of each trial is not to break your spirit but rather to explore certain aspects of your character and will. What we’re looking for is a determined young woman who is fearless, trustworthy, loyal, resourceful, and someone who will not shrink from anything. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good response….‘Sir‘….I like that…Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Then stand up while I attach the blindfold. This will be your first requirement.”

Harden walked behind her and placed the blindfold.

“You’re going to find, Lillian, that many of these trials have a sexual overtone. Does that make you nervous?”

“Yes Sir.”


The abrupt change in tone was startling and she jumped to comply.

“HIGHER!.., ALL THE WAY TO YOUR WAIST!…, That’s a girl…., Nice abs. Now I‘m going to pull down your panties and I want you to step out of them.”

Manny spread the elastic and tugged the fabric over her hips, down about her thighs and held the band open as she stepped out one foot at a time.

“Did you stop and wonder why the nurse gave you an enema this morning?”

“Yes Sir.”

“What did you conclude?”

“Some sort of medical procedure.“

She heard him chuckle and then the sound of a zipper.

“What was it for?” she asked, shifting from foot to foot.

“Don’t question me,“ he replied.

She heard the sound of vinyl gloves being snapped, “Lean the fuck over.” She bent forward at the waist as his hands spread her buttocks. She could feel his breath as he looked closely. SHE STARTED! as a rubber finger tip touched her anus and began lubricating the outer ring... First it circled and then dipped into the opening, going deep. She raised straining on her tiptoes.

“Oh my God,” she groaned.

“You have a tight little ass hole.” This first test of yours could prove uncomfortable….”

She began breathing heavily. There came a knock at the door…She heard the voice of the black man who'd escorted her from the reception area.

“Are you going to need me right away, Boss…? I have to use the 'facilities.'”

“You should have thought of that earlier.” Manny replied. “Piss in the pitcher on my desk. Before we finish, Ms. Toliver's going to be thirsty.”

“Oh Jesus!” she swore softly, hearing the splash of urine and noting the distinctive odor.

“The person you’re hearing….and smelling,” said Manny, “is Bodo, my body guard. Be glad you’re blindfolded and can't see his big mother-fucking Johnson. Have you ever seen a stud nigger's cock?”

“No sir,” she answered nervously.

“Think her pussy will stretch?”

“I doubt it.,” answered Bodo.

“Check her out.”

She felt first one, and then two big calloused fingers slip inside her vagina. She strained to accommodate the entry.

“She’s got a two finger cunt, Boss. No way she’s gonna yoke around 'Mr. Bodacious.' This bitch's gonna holler like a stuck pig.”

“Put the gag in her mouth.”

She tasted a rubber ball pushed between her lips and felt the cinch of a Velcro strap.

“So Sweetheart, we’re about to begin. I’ll be nailing you in the ass while Bodo fucks you in the pussy. We’re going to be doing it concurrently... working simultaneously from both ends. Want a drink before we get started?”

“Iah caaan’t dooo dus!” came her muted and distorted cry….“ploose sor, doon’t mooke mee…”

“Like I told you Honey, nobody’s going to “mooke” you do anything. Here’s your panties. Put them back on and compose yourself. Don’t discuss what happened here with anyone….There'll be an envelope waiting for you in the outer office. Now dry your tears and take a deep breath.”

He removed the blindfold and gag. She saw both men fully dressed. Manny was pouring a glass of water from the pitcher. He took a sip and smiled.

“Sorry things didn’t work out, Ms. Toliver.”

WC 869

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