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A limerick about a family dinner, potluck style
A Potluck Family Dinner

Aunt Suzy made chicken for dinner,
So good, t’was really a winner,
Now the chicken was stuffed,
With marshmallows fluffed,
Was really fat, not thinner.

Aunt Betty provided the pie,
Was the apple of my eye,
Had peaches and cherries,
And other types of berries,
Its crust was surely dry.

Cousin Mary, she made the gravy,
Her specialty from the Navy,
Was blue like the ocean,
Her own secret potion,
When stirred, it was quite wavy.

Uncle Mark, he brought the wine,
Made with grapes from his own vine,
But it tasted like beer,
Which I found a bit queer,
Yet still, it was very fine.

And I provided the bread,
That baked while I was in bed.
Okay, it wasn’t homemade.
To get it, I dearly paid,
For the baker, I'd have to wed.

Now we all had quite the feast,
Together our meal had been pieced,
What brought us all together?
In this very foul weather?
Why, a meal to honor the deceased.

Jim Dorrell
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