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A day with my cats
         I sat on my couch watching the news as I did every morning. This day however, was not ordinary. It was very boring, out of my usual routine. I sat in my pajamas, curled up in a blanket that my grandmother had made me years ago when she was still alive. The news went on however, telling me of the most recent robberies and people who are a danger to society. Nothing different there. It went on to sports where the local high school who had been undefeated in basketball finally fell to an elite team from the west. Still no difference; those kids always got too big headed then fell on their faces. Then the weather. That's what was different.
There was snow. In northern Texas. Not just any snow, but snow that I would imagine fell only in places like Maine, Ohio, Alaska, but not Texas.
It bothered me. I'm not much for being cooped up like highway chickens, getting lazy and plump for the master. So, I picked up a book. A romance novel, one to get me lost in a world of love and lust, greed and desire. No such luck. My apartment was clean and the laundry folded. I had never been bored before.
Just as I was about to emerge from my comfortable cocoon of pink and white hand woven warmth my little kitten Sophie emerged from under the table, followed immediately by her sister Stella. I watched as they stretched and yawned, shaking their heads free of the sleep they most likely woke from.
"Here kitties."
I called for them, but they simply gave me a look that clearly said 'not now I'm busy'. Without a second thought they started to lick their paws to wipe their faces. Morning washing.
I didn't want to be ignored so, being the ingenious person that I am I reached down below under the small coffee table next to me and grabbed a ball of yarn. I had tried to knit something; anything really, but for some reason or another I couldn't get the hang of it. I put that ball of yarn to good use however.
I tossed it softly, letting it roll where it pleased. Stella was the first to notice it. She stopped mid lick and watched it for a second before crouching down and no doubt calculating her attack on the item.
Sophie got to it first. Always the one throwing caution into the wind she pounced and proceeded to get tangled up in the soft string, Stella trying in vein to help her runt of a sister.
I laughed and stayed cuddled in my blanket. Who knew such a small thing could save my snowy day from sheer boredom.

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