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by Senita
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A small tour of my lab
I travel to the top to get to my lab, it is the place I go to write in my tab. It is a studio, workplace and herborium. I walk up two flights of stairs then I am here. It is a place of creation. Which leads to elation. It is worth the two flights of stars so I can look at the growth. Literally and figuratively. I can stare out of a window and watch or listen to the cars that roll by. It helps me to remember that time is passing by, and with every second my dreams draw nearer. The waiting is how you know it is worth it. That is my little motto for life right now. So I take the extra time to walk up the steps. That way I can listen to beats or smell the roses. For that way it shall hopefully be engrained in my brain that every story, every building, and every person I meet, was placed here just for me. I, if you read this, have now been placed here just for you, and since you read this, you have been placed here for me. So thank you, for stepping into my lab. Be a guest again, and feel free to grab a pen.
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