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Beef gets taken by surprise when Agent Reynolds checks him out.
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The Early Bird

It was just after one o’clock AM on the Early Bird from Kennedy. They were flying Delta into Madison. Agent Ursula Reynolds took the window seat and Agent "Beef" Johnson sat on the Isle. They had worked a variety of assignments over the years as law enforcement professionals.

“Can I get you a pillow or a blanket?” the stewardess asked.”

“A blanket would be nice,” said Ursula. The aircraft was warm but it was a cold night and a draft blew down the aisle from the door up front. She threw the spread over the both of them.

“Mind filling me in on the mission,” he asked. “Why all the hush-hush?

“We’re going to interview a bad cop….a sort of favor for the Joint Crime Task Force…”

“What’s so unusual about that?”

She ignored his interruption. “Our subject is Vincent Anderson. He was convicted last year on charges of corruption and murder…he hasn’t been cooperative and has plenty to say regarding several open cases.”

“You’re not answering my question…. what’s the big deal?”

“His wife, she’s the big deal….”

“How does she fit in…?”

“The Chicago office will be bringing her over to the prison…”

“We’re going to get to him, using her?”

“We’re going to get to her, using him.”

“This is making absolutely no sense…Can you speak a little plainer?”

"I've a cassette he’ll be interested in… I suspect it'll be the key to getting him to cooperate….but in any event it’s her we focus on.”

“What’s her claim to fame…?”

“She’s attractive, smart, and devoted to her husband.”

Agent Reynolds had risen fast in the Bureau. Some rumored she'd screwed her way to the top, but that was nonsense…she’d paid her dues…spending twelve years under cover. Still, the stories about her personal life sounded like a tabloid…. Not that he’d ever seen evidence of any improprierty and they’d worked together plenty in the past. So, it was quite a shock when her arm slipped beneath the blanket and her fingers fumbled with his zipper. With amazing dexterity she pulled it down and reached into his boxers taking hold of his cock. His response was a sucking intake of breath….

“So what do you intend to offer her…?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

“A job and a promise to get the murder charge dropped….”

“You can’t do that," he replied shifting about…She had the softest hand. It squeezed and began to stroke almost imperceptivity up and down.

“I can,” she replied, “ if it turns out the murder charge is unsubstantiated….”

“You mean we know he didn’t do the murder and we still have him locked up?"

“In our view he’s serving time on the corruption charge. On that he’s certainly guilty. Next year we’ll announce the discovery of new evidence and he’ll be released…”


“I know it’s not the letter of the law but there is some morality here…he’s hardly innocent after all, and he was convicted by a jury of his peers…”

The plane surged down the runway and lifted into the air….

We’ll be turning the lights down for those wanting to catch some sleep…our travel time is in an hour and fifty-six minutes…

Ursula smiled and stuck her head under the blanket. He felt her lips close around his erection and begin to suck…..A darting tongue lathered the tip as her fingers stroked gently. It was the performance of a virtuoso, well-schooled in the art of fellatio. It wasn’t long before he felt it coming. Somewhere he’d heard it wasn’t polite to pop off in a lady’s mouth, but there was no denying it; she drew hard vacuum as he spurted. He heard a gurgle with each squirt and felt her synchroinzed swallow after each spasm.

“Sweet Jesus,” he sighed, squirming about in the seat.

When he was done, she licked him clean and came up for air. Opening her compact she put on fresh lipstick and mulled her lips together.

“Just the way I like it.”

“Never had a blow job before…”

“Have you ever asked your wife?”

“We don’t talk much about that sort of thing…”

“I see…..Now what were we discussing? Ah yes….morality… Laura and your wife probably have plenty in common.”

“…How’s that?”

“Principled and naïve…. Cock-sucking is an old and venerated art. The “Holy Molies” gave it a bad rap.”

“Martha sings in the choir….”

“There! See what I’m saying? How can anything that feels that good be wrong?” She dabbed her forehead with a Kleenex and cleared her throat…
“I have a hunch we can turn Vincent, not that I really give a rat's ass…”

“So what’s so special about this woman…?”

“She’s principled and still in love with her worthless husband.”


“She doesn’t know we’ll be turning him loose down the road….Might be persuaded to help us get to the bottom of the Bureau’s number one question.”

“This is devious.” he answered…”Mind if I ask why you just gave me a blow job?”

“I wanted to check out your pecker.”


“You’ve a role to play.”


“If she agrees to help, we need to validate her suitability.”

“You want me to fuck her?”

“…In the ass.”

WC 869
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