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by eskay
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Remembering my dear friend Savita, who lit up many lives...
She’d flown far and she’d flown wide,
‘Cross rivers that link and seas that divide;
Making friends with one and all -
birds and animals big and small.

From the rooster crowing at dawn
to the frightened flitting fawn,
A great, but friendly, grizzly bear
and even the odd scuttling hare.

With a merry twinkle in her eye,
She’d wing her way to the sky
only to comfort a distant star,
So it wouldn’t feel ’lone and far.

With great warmth in her little heart
the sparrow played a poignant part,
Helping her many friends fight
inner demons with her unique light.

One day she was struck by a stone -
By Fate’s Cruel Hand it was thrown.
Wounded she fell, and there she lay,
Yet after months of night, ‘twas again day!

Her old self again she was – almost,
Back to doing what she liked the most:
Traveling to lands far and wide,
bringing home joys from the ride.

Alas! Destiny is not easily sated -
Many more stones it had fated
for the little sparrow in its sight,
To cut short her frequent flight.

Felled again, into her nest she crawled,
Bruised, battered, shrunken, sprawled.
Her parents wept, her friends flocked -
Tended, nursed, but the boat was rocked.

Her bright eye she kept on all,
Her body bowed, yet she walked tall.
Tho’ her heart fluttered, she was brave,
To live again was all she’d crave.

‘Twas not to be – not in this world,
A sudden gust around her swirled -
Carrying her off in one fell swoop,
Set her free from this earthly coop

Go little sparrow, soar toward the Light,
Find many friends and much delight.
The bond we have will never die,
In our hearts you’ll forever fly.
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