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Sometimes it seems that loving you is hard, but when I think about it, it's quite easy.
Loving You

Loving you is certainly not easy,
But I really think I have found the key
Give up everything I own, not be free
After all, this is not just about me

In loving someone, think only of them
And in knowing you, I’ve found quite a gem
When we make love,  you’re always,,, “What?    Ahem!
Okay my dearest, I’ll stop there.  Yes ma’am.”

See what I mean?  You speak, I do listen,
I look in your eyes, and see them glisten.
For love is a two way street, I’m bitten,
Sometimes I say something, you turn crimson.

Wait, this isn’t hard, you make it pure joy,
We have our fun, and at times you act coy.
A stranger might think that it’s all a ploy,
But tis’ pleasure; each other, we enjoy.

Jim Dorrell
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