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Ideas for something I want to write in the future
Today the weather was especially brutal for me. I struggled to get even a very limited amount of nourishment and refreshment. This is the absolute truth about me, sometimes I have a very huge crash and can barely move Which is why, today I have been so inactive. Even with the small room air conditioner running in my bed room, I am still unable to accomplish doing much activity. This idea which keeps plaguing me however, must be typed onto this place the WDC website, so that I do not forget my idea and have it lost forever. I will use this beginning and add to it about my experiences, experiences of other people which I know about, things I've read, and then write in a fictional picture a story about someone who struggles, has an adventure, is in a depressed frame of mind and then changes their mind into a positive frame of mind, and what challenges, tragedys, triumphs, and things they have accomplished. The places may be almost anywhere or somewhere unlike anything here on earth, or both. I don't know how long this will be, I know it is definitely fiction based on facts with imagination thrown in for spice. I have no idea when I'll finish this project. All I know right now is there is a lot I do not know. Now that I have a record of this, I'm going to get some rest so that I can attempt to return here and help people. See you later my friends.

Wow, it's been a very, very long time ago when I typer this information. When I saw the title my first thought was about something written about the weather. Now I realize it was more about the weather affecting my abilities to write and retain the information and wether I would be able to actually use this information to create word art.

I certainly allowed this to simmer on the back burner for much too long. Created: June 24th, 2011 at 10:01pm Modified: September 21st, 2016 at 11:11pm At least I had the presence of mind and ability to manage to write the fragments of these ideas. This is for a treasure and something I can use for future written items of some sort.

As I think back on the past years, I realize now how far I've come in many ways. My health is much better which allows me to do more each day rather than spend a lot of time having to rest. My pain level is much less which gives me more ability to do physical and mental activities plus I am using a lot less medication. As for my writing I have a very long way to go, yet I can see from older unedited items which I have now edited that there has been some improvement.

The one writing necessity which I wasn't able to do well or even a little bit was to edit my work. I give to God the credit and honor for my editing which I have been able to do since returning to WDC recently. I'm still editing and improving my writing. As for the ideas, well they are floating around here and there. So far I'm not ready to launch a major writing project because I have a mountain of things to do before investing time and energy in a novel or similar project.

Another through which reentered my mind recently was that I need to edit and finish writing my NaNo novel which has been waiting for my attention for many years.
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