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This is my way of banishing pain & giving an idea about me & my daily challenges.
Pain, pain, go away
Don't be back any day
With my internal medication pump,
I'll give you plenty of lumps

This medication will hit you hard
so that you will become consumed and bared
Away from me you will go
So I can review while the writing flows
and forget about you

You can try to get me down and wearing a frown,
but I'll prevail and be upscale
I'll write with might,
day and night,
no matter what you do
I'll do this in spite of you

You move all over me
like a painful sea, and I shake you off
to help people not scoff
They have worth and deserve merth
So go away right now this day

Reading, writing, and reviewing
Is what I should be doing
To lift a persons spirit
I know you don't want to hear it

I ban you from my body
so don't get snotty
I've got work to do,
I don't need you

I'll focus on people,
I'll not be feeble;
I'll ignore you forever
through all kinds of weather

I like this home, I'm never alone
So, pain you're banned from here
friends are more dear

I'll fight you every day no matter what you try today

I am looking at this as if I were reviewing this for another author and editing as well as adding to this poem.

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