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by Mr.Ice
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The needless beef and rift in the Rap Game of Hip Hop that is so unnecessary, less love.


                “The Rule Of Thought”

To begin with, Kanye Omari West the cool Rapper...
performing on MTV… is one of the best, without
heated discussion…

Certainly, that is OK if he is the best, saying, “he’s
trying to be #1”… singing, “ Amazing”… under the
microscope…MJ is so amazing…OJ is so amazing…                                                     

With attention to, Ok if  they do say he is stuck on
himself… who wants ego to go, not the
self-centeredness, huh?                                                                 

With this in mind, it is OK if he is gay… wearing
his pink shirt, Ouch!

Who made you that way?                               

Perchance, did you forget about James Marshall?
"Jimi" Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix,
November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was
an American guitarist and singer-songwriter,
(Hippie dressed) that great guitar man…

Conceivably, he died over fame, but his
mesmeric notoriety sure did not remain? 

Although, the intellect of theory test by Isaac
Newton, if that need be, long ago, “who set
under the apple tree”…Provided that, forever
said, “What goes up must come down”…                           

Given these points, yes, you can turn a smile
upside down…                     

Under these circumstances, Media will jump
on cold-blooded accusation and will produce it
worse than it is, analogous to when you signify
… for this reason why you like that?                                     

Of course, Left Eye, used fire …  it is so amazing
…  Thereupon “Wonderment-ism’s Creed” …
“Rappers, does not have any class”…

Important to realize, Otis Redding sitting on the
dock of the bay … waves rolling out … after that
the plane fly … disappointedly, he did die … by
the same token a question rise … to say the least,
in other words, was that a plot?                                             

With this intention, did they back in the day …
those then so call Kanye’s… ego-tripping, think
so such as to contrive demise?                                                                                                 

All Respect to … summon Left Eye; she can
give the lowdown on the deal … what you
make is not all your take…

In that event that Kill the “Peeking Toms” who
accused of taking songs?

In essence, who do not want to be sitting on the
moon … but at any cost?

For the purpose of, is Kanye saying … he is not
that sissy guy, huh  … Calm down … do ask Puffy…

In particular, Notorious cannot say … TI the call
king knows… put the silence away Jokingly… do
not it appears a Suge Knight is always in the
background… prowling, hanging down?

What! What! What… Suge Knight recovering after
being shot at Kanye West’s Party in Miami…

It must be remembered, in the professionalism of
entertaining an art … in the sun-shine! and the guns
Rap… is tap tap tap… Rap … more like Pop, pop,
pop… James can do rapping…

Point often overlooked, go to the dirty south, who
will tell you … so Rap needs a transformer…which
need to be so?

For instance, being mixed is that outfitted for better
Rapping…who started tapping,.. shuffling may not have
been so bad … light skin; indeed in … Warren Buffet
is a lifesaver … however, that is still raison d'être for
you ask whose the Slim Shady…

The semi-uncontaminated called the best rapper in the
eyes the critics of the Hip-Hop game, awh you know
who at that time is… So who do not like Eminem… 

At least, a fellow tapper, was not about thugging …
Somebody call Gregory Hines…

In view of Bill Crosby, “The Decent God-Father”…
Will make each and every one suitable… with his

In the light of Savion Glover, that young brother
stepping in time and many more and those of
before… and no rift there because you have to be
to fast on your feet…

Forthwith, christen the charge – Drums be deep in
the Motherland …Hear the Blues … ask Lucille…
Is that spelled right?

Should BB King does he have a matter call beef …
with Johnnie Hooker… Man! What about Little
Milton…it ought be beef with Bobby “Blue” Bland?
Any of those Brothers make your blues say Uncle…

For fear that… “Is not that what has made the Blues”
…(who got jokes now)?

At the same time, ladies and gentlemen, lets take it
to the church, they show had rift, Wow… The Catholic
Church… The Pure One…

The Muslim vs. Catholic that History shows, … must
have known Kanye… you think for that Sine qua non,
this may perhaps be the reason Kanye and Curtis James
Jackson III (born July 6, 1975), better known by his
stage name 50 Cent, is like they is, also two in

Do you know what the Gospel done did? Do you smell
that Jazz?

Nevertheless, perhaps small-mindedness, will not declare
Little Rev. Richard an award.

To emphasize, how far do music go back? Questions,
questions, questions… and when you have questions you
need answers like creating awareness, like curiosity to be
rewarded and satisfied…

In the distance, so how long will those great artists
perform great sound… and then too perform that smack,
lack their music is about incomprehension and lack of
Respects … with this purpose in mind try need … in
spite of somebody is required to care?

What has meant, try edification rather than defamation?
Well maybe … disrespect wards money…more so, rating…
Cash at no cost… then it be done, do sleep well my thugs …
Hallow be thy name…

Adjacent to asking, is not that for a fame-ism creep?

Though you give your body to be burned and have not
charity (love) it profit you nothing…

Consequently, and like wise what shall it profit a
person to gain the world and lose ones soul?…

Alert! Alert! Alert!

On the positive, lets veiw the theology, the science,
the philosophy of music … To disrespect an artist
is to disrespect the music ... The music, before the
artist… right, right … to disrespect any music of
any kind (certain reputable kind) is like playing
the dozens...

In fact, Music is like the spiritual mothers of many
… go ask your mama and your daddy…

Mr. History knows and got the total absolute truth.
As an illustration, music is everywhere like a rainy
night in Georiga, like its raining all over the world,
like whom the bell toll…

Like when in deep thought … TucPac would go in
the studio and the words flow all at the same time
… you couldn’t take that away from him… Why
would you want to stop such flow…Jealousy…

where is it that don’t music go … music for the
deaf who feel the beat … music in the soul that
makes you move your feet … make a peacher get
in a rhythm …

causes tone in your head as it repeated over and
over again as if all the time .. makes you feel good,
so sublime … may I say music and divine wine …

The beat is repeated playing in your mind seening
chills up your spine no matter if you are blind …
everything has breath sings …

The total purpose of music is to prasie the eternal
King of kings … you for got that don’t you… or
do you believe?

Should the art and skill of music be about Beef?
No!… More than that…You ought to ask rather…

“Where is the Beef”… The pure art of the meat
of skills of the craft of music and lyrics from the
soul the spirit and the mind and at times naturally
born grifted moving the body like rasing the
dying and the dead…

Above all, indeed, truly, of course and even more
that.. that, Music flows from The Eternal Throne
of “The Pure Spirit Of Light Of Mind Of Love” …
like that of water …

Music which flows into the mind, Soul/Spirit,
and body of the call and the desired of humanity
in the image of emanation by the Power of the
Holy Spirit Of Light…

To demonstrate, James Brown said, “But I don’t
won’t no damn squealing…
I can dig rapping
I’m ready
I can dig scrapping
but I can’t
dig that back stabbing

Do you think?                 

Coupled with … say it loud I am black and I am

The acknowledged king Elvis Presley, which the
people said, “that he created rock and roll”…                                                 

The O Jays got soul, Aretha Franklin, how far
back … Queen bring back R-E-S-P-E-C-T.                                               
How far back?

Lets ask Dick Clark, no for facts that are more
pure ask Kemal Amin "Casey" Kasem…                                   

Furthermore, was Don Cornelius from Motown?                                                                   

For one thing, who dare give an opinion to Barry,
to put Motown on the market with the purpose of
time to move on,  sooner or later…

In the mean time, let us see, Don Cornelius Oh!
Soul Train. To begin with was he having beef with
his antagonist, the ever loving crossing the Music
barriers and color lines,  Mr. personality, the
infamous Dick Clark.

To enumerate, then who can  have a monoploy on
music and from the beginning specifically…

The first choir is from heaven, whom Satan lead
…and because of his arrogance and self ascertaining
superiority  … nickname, Lucifer who was kick

With all that already said does that sounds familiar?

For instance people of all races, creeds, religions,
beliefs, believers as well as non-blievers are
endowed and called and has a deire for the gift of
music as well as the music makers of the craft, allow
to list a few:                                             
Roy Acuff(1903–1992)                                             
Clint Black(born 1962)                                             
Johnny Cash (1932-2003)                                         
Roy Clark (born 1933)                                             
Jimmy Dean (born 1928-2010)                                 
Martina McBride                                                       
George Strait                                                             
Hank Williams (1923-1953)                                       
will not call Jr.                                                           
Bob Wills (1905-1975)                                             

Comparatively, country to goes from A to Z … Hey
these are white, creating
Music can they too have soul … we got a “Peeping
Tom” … recall Charlie Pride … Why not have an
Uncle Tom… On the positive, which is a big as<
a misnomer.

Thus, for example, somewhere, somebody is like the
Tea Party… far to the Left and as well as a delusionist.

Most compelling evidence, hey! Kanye did they did
what they did?                   

Music in great:
It is like snow,  who know                                     
It is like the rain,  who know                                 
It is Like the wind, who know
It is like the stars, who know
It is like the sky, who know
It is like the water, who know
It is like the rainbow, who know
It is like sunshine, who know 

Trust! It is not a Question.                                           

The devil knows and trembles!
In a way, why do artistes forbid?

David’s harp calms the evil soul, well what can be said?
Iron Butterfly!

Although this may be true, they even know how to sing
their sons backwards…

Open up this window and let some air into this room.
As a matter of fact, is it wrong to twist the night away?

Lord has mercy! Moreover, thank god for a deceased son
who once wrote a “Rap Jam” and song on tape … the
world shall never know.Now in my mind I hear …  Lenny
Williams (born Leonard Charles)the song “Cause I Love You”.

Truly, having checked out Kanye West by far one of the best.
In the meantime, maybe its some thing that I am missing…

What’s up! with the statements of  being gay… wearing his
pink shirt? Do he has a need to defend and prove whether gay
or straight, man that is apersonal preference, right?

Could it be that he is just in a simple delusional jesture?
Brother, why the verbal offense man, if you did not did
what you did?

Otherwise, 50 cent ain’t no god, music can’t make you
a god… make “good sweet music”… like  Lou Rawls,
“This Song Will Last Forever” when we are all dead and
gone the memories will linger on…

Johnny Tayor song “Soul Heaven”, dreaming he was at
that great party above and beyond…

Why wait to die to perform together as Tupac and Biggy 
+closed the show+?

Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathway, Curtis Mayfield, Otis
Redding are in Soul Heaven  where he said all gone

Lets don’t be glad MJ is gone.

See the point. Oh! Lets not forget those one hit jams.

Barry White gone,  Ike made away for him, recall?

Unfortunately and regretfully there seems to be so
much hate in the music game…

Herein, the ends to the means that do there have to be
the greatest, well I guess so huh, how sad?

Florence gone and went hurt.

Significantly, is falling by the way failure, does that
makes one useless?

At this instant, straightaway and accordingly with this
in mind, point often overlooked which is undeniabilly,
these people have made unselfish contributions namely
and many, many more and by the paridaim of Jesus:
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (2 October 1869 – 30
January 1948)
Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4,
Martin Luther (10 November 1483 – 18 February 1546)
Saint Joan of Arc, nicknamed "The Maid of Orléans"
(French) Jeanne d'Arc, ca. 1412 – 30 May 1431),

Oh my God” she wanted nothing but no taxes on the
people, and to go back to her home … that child so
misunderstood … got burned on the stake because for
her acused faith of fate for speaking with angels … 
what’s your motivation?

Having a broken wooden cross around her neck …
bling, bling … on that pheasant cattling town did she
did what she did … sing, you think…

Medgar Wiley Evers (July 2, 1925 – June 12, 1963)
No by know means are they Rappers but we all know
they enjoyed the ability to gab and Rap of the sublime

In reality it all come down to the passion of the cause
as well as the craft which is all the same thing…

To clarify, is Ghandi a useless failure, and
nonproductive human being, he to without his shining
blinking bling, bling?

What about all those stars which died broke, and
what about those want au bes?

To say nothing of don’t make music pain, Oh I forgot,
we got the Blues … think the Blues is good,  especially
loving is even better when you make up…                       

All Music is great … It is wonderful and easy to
appreciate:  From the drum beats, strings, keys, horns;
wind, loans, woodwind,Giga, Basicalc, kane, radar,
serinette, chengila, vessel rattle, and obrom percussion.
Who can dare declare themselves the greatest?

Allow the appreciators of the pleasurable creation to
declare those of incredible ability…

Notwithstanding, ill music and music for war, or even
hardcore music that is against The Master Artist of the
above and beyond in the justification of Free Speaks…

Don’t it all comes back to the Master Creator of the beats
that are led by Hermesiel - angel who leads one of the
heavenly choirs, or Jahoel - one of the angels of the
presence and chief of the seraphim, what of Jeduthun
angel whose name means "master of howling" or
chanting to God, what about, Kemuel - archon angel
and chief of the seraphim…

Of course, beloved this ain’t no democracy, this is a
Republic, Ok…

Furthermore, Music cannot be anything just for the sake
of you…

Equally, Music is love innate in you, it is like the
evangeloin, a spiritual call of you, to create and to mulitiply

Music is like love shall not die nor should not defy and
when done wrong by anyone shall be kick out like enons
before… for show…

Additionally, Music is the sacred bowels of “The Pure
Spirit Of Light” burning in the day and night the flaming
with the Blues like good news of the gospel mixed into
the soul and never leading to the crossroads…

Music is spiritually and uniquely Divine? Like The I Am
That I Am…

To be said, first, second, third - Now Behold! Classical,
Rap, Country, Rock, Disco, Pop, R & B>…                                           

On the contrary, Stephen Collins Foster (July 4, 1826 –
January 13, 1864), known as the "Father of American
music", the stealer of  Negro slave songs.

Some write songs, as did he and like others today
covered others as well…                       
Different types of music help in soothing one’s
disturbed soul…

Metal Music: Hip-hop Music: Folk Music: Techno
Music: Opera Music:             

Someone said, “There are varied genres of music as
people, have different tastes.               

In the final analysis the objective remains the same”                     
Also said the aim of all music is to touch the core of
the heart…

Does ones ability of creating music makes one better
than the next artist?

Unequivocally, No!

Most assuredly, it is like that of the ranks of the angels…
Whereby some have greater, rank… but all angels are
servants on the same plane with The Master Creator…
In that case, is it that music is so powerful or is the
position so powerful that you must disrespect… and
discount with the lust you possess unto the to kill or
are you Lucifer’s musical child creating smack and
stuff like that?

Remember once lust is conceived … to whom the bell
tolls… Are lust, greed, fame, and fortune the so
controling factor, whereby you advocate and live
animated zealous jealous rage?             

Thereupon did the music make you or do you make

For Generalizations, Lets say that great music makes
the greatness that you are and you deserve the wealth
for all your hard work…

Given this point, then we need to go get St Joan of
Arc off that burning Stake… Which that should have
never been… 

As shown above, if we could turn back the hands of

Forthwith Jesus, The Christ said, “The greatest was
not forhim to give”,  when they was wanting to know
who the greatsest in the kingdom?

In essence, Little Richard the king, James Brown the
king, Elvis Prelsy The King, TI the King, Michael
Jackson the King, Tupac Amaru Shakur the genus,
Stephen Collins Foster, known as the "Father of
American music"…

In fact, guess what, its still that sweet soul music:
The song is actually "Sweet Soul Music" and was
recorded first by Arthur Conley:

Lyrics for: Sweet Soul Music:
Do you like good music (yeah yeah)
That sweet soul music (yeah yeah)
Just as long as it's swingin' (yeah yeah)
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Ah, going to a go-go (yeah yeah)
Dancin' with the music (yeah yeah)
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Spotlight on Lou Rawls, y'all (yeah yeah)
Ah, don't he look tall, y'all (yeah yeah)
Singin' "Love's a Hurtin' Thing", y'all
(yeah yeah)

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Spotlight on Sam & Dave, y'all (yeah yeah)
Ah, don't they look great, y'all (yeah yeah)
Singin' "Hold On! I'm Comin'" (yeah yeah)
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Spotlight on Wilson Pickett (yeah yeah)
That wicked-picked Pickett (yeah yeah)
Singin' "Mustang Sally" (yeah yeah)
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Spotlight on Otis Redding now (yeah yeah)
Singin' "Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa (yeah yeah)
Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa" (yeah yeah)
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Significantly, and now for the ultimate saying:
be the artists that you are; Rap, Rock and Roll
and declare your fame, do your thang; put down,
dis, and create your bling and put your song at
the top … at no cost and then lose sight on the
aim of your craft, thereby if you will, then fail
too appreciate another’s craft, thus declare you
are the hit<…

Surprisingly when you come back to where you
come from, recall the ultimate saying: “Heaven
and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not
pass away”.

In this sentiment of unity and solidarity, is music
design to implicate abhorrence?                           

All in all, at this present time, and consequently
with immutable truth, focus on  love, that is the
genre of any craft…

Thank you,
The Rev. Ike Lawrence Reed
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