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A brief Declaration of Independence for government class.
On this day, September 3 of the year 2011, I declare my independence from my loving, watchful parents. On this day, I ask that I be allowed to make my own decisions, and denounce their authority over me. I am grateful of their presence in my life, but it is time I learned for myself how to live without them. There comes a time when every child must separate themselves from those who raised them, and now it is my turn.

I do not wish, in any way, to completely detach myself from the lives of these kind souls who gave me breath, shelter and sustenance. I only wish that I be allowed to think and act for myself. I am at the age now that I do not need their guidance as substantially as before.

In debt to all my parents have given me, I promise to be there for them in times of trouble, suffering, or monetary debt. If ever they need assistance which I can provide, I will be there for them without protest, as I know they would do for me, and as I have witnessed them do in times of suffering or grief.

I declare this with much grief and guilt, but I find it nearly impossible to continue on in my course of life under their loving shadows. I am no longer a small fledgling in need of warmth and security, but a full-fledged eagle, ready to soar on my own without assistance; and I only ask that I be allowed to take that leap out of the nest so comfortably lined for me. I thank my parents gratefully for all they have done, and promise that this farewell will never be a goodbye, and I will always return to their side as they have always done for me.

(Note: The assignment was to write a brief "Personal Declaration of Independence" from someone important in our lives. It was for my government class. Its not actually for my parents, as in I'm not actually jumping ship on them. Its completely for a class.)
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