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by Jinxx
Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #1808677
This is part 2 of my BVB story, Get Jinxxed. Enjoy
I woke up with the bright sun shining in my face; it’s warmth hitting my face.

“Uh…what time is it?” I said, still half asleep.

I glanced at my alarm clock which said 8:34 on it.

I tossed on my bed and I sat up.

“What a dream.” I said, out loud to myself.

I got up and glanced around my room, hoping to find what I’m looking for.

I walked to my desk, which has my laptop and my printer.

I open a drawer and I grabbed a blue covered journal that had my name embroidered in gold on it.

I plopped back on to my bed and I opened the journal up to the next clean page and started writing.

It was a habit for me to get up and write in my journal every morning.

After a few minutes of writing in my journal, I placed it on my bed and I walked to my dresser mirror.

I stared long and hard at my refection.

I had a heart-shaped face, black hair and icy blue eyes and pale skin. Like everyone said in the Jinkai Clan, I had my mother’s face. I had small hands and small feet. My legs were long, so that made me 5’5. Every physical part of me reminded me of my mother. I even had her personality. She was kind, caring and very sweet to others. I’m kinda like her except I have my dad’s sense of humor and his short temper.

I stared at my reflection some more. I was the splitting image of my mother.

I turned away and glanced around my room again.

My room wasn’t like a princess’ room should be. The walls of my room were white, and the floor of my room was tiles. I had a small walk-in closet, a red bookshelf for all of my books of ancient warriors of my clan, a bed with dark purple sheets. And a small TV that was facing the bed.

Yeah. Nothing princess-like about my room. Except for the golden crown that laid on my dresser, in a see-through box.
I turned away from my room and walked down the hall and walked into the small kitchen.

I smelled bacon and pancakes cooked.

I looked at the table that was next to a window and there was a plate with bacon, pancakes and scrambled eggs on it.

“Claudia must have been here.” I said out load again.

Claudia was my personal cook. She cooked for me breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I sat down and ate the breakfast that was prepared for me.


After I was finished eating my breakfast and got dressed, I sat in the living room, watching TV.

I heard a knock on the door and I jumped up and ran to the door.

I opened the door and there was the brides standing before me.

I stood in the doorway, shocked.

“H-How did you know where I lived?” I asked, bewildered.

Andy just smiled.

“Easy. We just had to track you down by your cell phone number.” He said.

I sighed. They figured out that my cell phone number is a tracker.

I stepped aside and allowed them to come in my apartment.

“Kinda small.” Ashley commented after looking the room down.

“Gee thanks. This is what I have to live in, now that my entire clan has been destroyed.” I said, rolling my eyes.

Ashley ignored me and walked into the living room along with Jake and Jinxx.

I sighed. It wasn’t easy to watch and love Jinxx from afar. I just wished I knew a way to tell him how I feel about him.

I walked into my room to get the remote for the A/C and I saw Andy, sitting on my bed, reading a book.

Only that wasn’t a book he was reading. It was my journal.
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