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Alice in Wonderland picture prompt for Try your Luck Contest WDC 11th Birthday SPECIAL!
Party With Alice

“I must find some cash!” moaned the hare to the nurse.
“I owe Cheshire Cat and my debt's getting worse.
I  hope someone rich – lots of gold in their purse –
walks by so that I can stay out of that hearse.”

“Instead of you plotting, some poor soul to rob,
– an action that likely will earn you a mob –
why don't you just go out and get you a job?”
she said, as she cleaned out his ears with a swab.

“Employment?  Ah, yes, that's a much better fate!
I thank you, good nurse – your suggestion's first rate!
And now I'll be going, I mustn't be late –
the Cat doesn't like it, he gets quite irate.”

As later he stood by the path to Outside,
a strawberry blonde all alone he espied.
“Good day, little girl! May I serve as your guide?”
“Oh, I'd be so grateful,” the visitor sighed.

“I'm glad for your help,” said sweet little Alice.
“I seek the Red Queen; let's go to her palace.”
“Take care how you step, or you'll get a callus,
and ware the Red Queen: she's chock full of malice.”

The hare had it right – Alice left at a run.
“Go straight through the tunnel – just head for the Sun –
and come back to see me!  I had so much fun!”
Thought Alice, I'm glad this adventure is done!

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