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The Power Reviewer Group issued a challenge, a contest. How did we create our handle?
How I Became Sum1

         How did I become Sum1?  Well, it goes back quite a ways, way back to prehistoric times; you know, Two Thousand Five.  At that time, I was writing poetry and sending it to a few friends.  Most of my time on line was spent on a game site called Pogo.  I’m still there, but rarely play games anymore, all my on line time is spent here on WDC, my new second home.  On Pogo, I was Sum1slvr05, the 05 in reference to when I chose that name, and the Sum1slvr for being me, just someone, with silver hair.  When I joined WDC, it just seemed natural to keep using the Sum1 portion of the name, so I thought for a couple of nanoseconds.  I figured that since I was already Sum1, I might as well be Sum1swriting, since I’d be doing a lot of writing in the near, and distant future.  And boy, have I.  I’ve shortened the name to Sum1 now, and use that almost exclusively.  I’m just Sum1 who’s here to improve his skills, but also Sum1 who loves to help others, so reviewing is something I love doing.  Recently, thanks to a short poem I read,
 Bratwurst.  (E)
This name with which I've been cursed...
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I  was inspired, and created a name for the three letters; Sum1 is now an acronym.  Samuel Ulysses MacIntosh, the First, or Sum1.  So I’m Sum1, he who loves writing, meeting people, traveling (even if it is on business most of the time), classic rock, and movies.  It keeps my feet on the ground by constantly reminding me that I am not famous, I’m not the world’s best writer, or even best poet.  I am just Sum1, a face in the crowd.  To make it even better, my whole family is named around this idea.  I have two brothers, Ne1, Evry1, and a sister, No1.  Maybe one day we’ll all gain a little renown, and I’ll become Sumbody, my brothers could become Nebody, and Evrybody, and my sister, Nobody.  Imagine the possibilities should that occur!

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