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A story about a young boy who meets a Succubus.
Hi there all, it has been a while since I did a story, so heres one now.

This story is based upon the idea by my friend Sam Maltby, known as Shadowfire on here.

This story is about a young boy called Darius Spencer. He's a bit of a loner, he doesn't have any friends, and is very badly bullied.

Long story short he meets Lilth, who is of course a Succubus, ( A female demon who takes the soles of men by sleeping with them).

Lilth gets attached to Darius and tries to protect him, and makes him her immortal servant.


Thank You.

Chapter One.
Welcome To My World.

‘You must be punished’ Said a voice, ‘You are nobody, you are nothing, nothing without us’, The voice continued, ‘You wont be able to sit down properly for a month be time I’m done with you’’.

All I could here was a voice, nothing else, until I turned my head towards the window, and the glow of the moon shone in, filling the room with enough light to make out a women, a bony witch like women bent over me. I recognised straight away who she was, she was the warden at the care home I was at, I say care home more like a prison.

I saw her arm rise, some sort of instrument was in her hand, she poised herself to lunge forward, she came so close to my head and then.

‘Hunny, Wake up its time for school’, Said another voice, it was a dream, a stupid nightmare that has been with me ever since I was adopted.

I don’t know exactly what happened to my parents, I was told they were killed in a accident when I was very young, and in turn I was sent to a care home, were I was at since I was Five years old, I am 16 now, you do the maths.

‘Hunny, hurry up, or you’re going to be late’, ‘Yes mum’. Everyday is the same for me, I get up, have a shower, have breakfast, and go to school to have seven bells of shit kicked out of me. Ever since I started at this hell hole that they call a school, I have had nothing but kids stealing my dinner money, calling me names, frowing stuff at me, been beaten up by the bigger kids, so on so forth.

So as I worked into school, a kid called Jonathan Skates, came running up shouting, 'Hey Dickhead', I carried on walking with my head down. 'Oy Dickhead', He shouted again, he repeated himself a record number for ten times until he caught up to me. He stud infront of me, making me stop dead in my tracks.

'What do you want'. I Said, 'You no what I want, I want your Fucking money' He Replied, with an evil smirk on his face, 'Come on give it here, or I'll kick your Fucking face in', He continued, 'Alright, Okay, Here', I Said, now nearly pissing my pants.

As you may have already guessed, this guy Jonathan Skates, or Jonno he is known as by his posse, is the daddy of the school. So he thinks. He bullies everyone in my year, terrorises the little kids and sets pranks on the teachers, which truthly are pretty funny, ironiclly.

The bell rings, and I'm five minutes late to class, which this morning was biology.

'Darius, you're late again', 'Sorry Miss Thornton, 'You had better be Mr Spencer, take your seat', 'Yes Miss'.

Miss Thornton was a right bitch, if you were even a second late, she would have you in detention.

At lunch I sat by myself, as I do everyday, watching all the other kids around me, laughing and joking with each other. I looked back down to what I thought was food, but obviously wasn’t, it was some kind of processed crap.

At the end of school, I stayed in the play ground for a few moments. This is something I very rarely do, as I always go home straight away in case I get hassled by someone again.

I sat on a bench, and looked straight up at the sky, again wondering why I was been treat like this, and why people didn’t like me.

The sky was beautiful on this day, it seemed to have a weird reddish or rah about it. I gazed for what seemed an hour, I quickly checked my watch, and it was coming up to 5.15pm.

Dam I thought, best get going home, there probably starting to get worried. As I was walking, I felt a strange feeling, as if I was been watched, or followed. I stopped and looked behind me, but nothing was there. I kept saying to myself, I was probably imagining it.

I finally got a few yards from my house when I heard it again. It sounded like footsteps. I was now getting freaked out, and ran to my house and shut the door behind me and ran straight up to my room.

‘Dear, are you okay’, Said My Step Mum, ‘Yeah, I’m fine, just tied’ I Replied, trying to not let on about what I heard outside. ‘Okay, you rest for a bit, dinners nearly ready’, She Replied.

I laid down on my bed, I looking out the window, looking to see if anyone was there, but nothing was there, just darkness. I tried to remove it from my mind and go down stairs for dinner.

My step mum was in the kitchen while my step dad was sat in the living room reading the paper. I went and sat down in the chair next to him.

He didn’t say anything, well that wasn’t new, he barely ever spoke my step dad, when ever he did speak he was either complaining about the weather, or what was going on in the dam news.

‘Well, how was school’ I rare voice came from behind the paper, ‘It, it was okay, I suppose’, I Replied, quiet shocked, ‘Good’ He Said, and started reading his paper again.

After dinner I went back to my bedroom, still a little shocked about my little experience walking home. In the back of my mind, I could hear the footsteps, the seemed to echo throughout the house that night.

Then at about 3.00am in the morning, I was woken up by what I could describe as whispering, like someone was trying to make me go to them. It sounded like the voice was saying, 'come to me' over and over again.

I tried to ignore it, but to no use, I kept hearing it all night long, until I woke up for the second time, this time it was about 5.00am. I sat on the side of my bed and just looked around my room, and listening to see if I heard the voice again.

I couldn't sleep now, so I decided to stay up, so I went down stairs and put the telly on, low of course as I didn't want to wake my mum and dad up.

A few hours went by, and light started to shine through the curtains, I sat on the sofa, now feeling the effects of not having enough sleep. I then went upstairs to get washed. As I walked up the stairs I thought I saw a figure in the corner of my eye. It seemed to have been standing in my bedroom doorway.

I turned my head fully to find nobody there, I ignored it thinking it was a result of lack of sleep. I then went into my room to get changed, again checking for anything strange.

I went back down stairs to get some breakfast, my mum was up at this point, sat at the table in the kitchen having her regular cup of coffee. 'Morning', I Said still a bit sleepy, 'Hi love, how was your night', She replied, 'Eh, yeah it was good, thanks', It obviously wasn't.

A little later that day at school, I was in Science class, we had to dissect a frog and see how everything worked. I wasn't really enjoying it, as I don't agree with hurting, or dissecting animals.

During Science class we had a surprise, a new class mate was joining us, it was a bit strange as it was about half way through the new year. She was very attractive, I don't think I ever felt my heart thump so hard ever.

She had to stand in front of the class and tell everyone her name and where she was from. I didn't hear what she was saying, as I was completely in ore of her beauty. She looked up and met my gaze and smiled slightly.

There was a free desk next to mine, and in my mind I kept wishing she would sit next to me. With that the teacher, Mr Johnson, asked her to take a seat. She saw me watching her as she looked around the room for a seat. She then walked up to me and sat right next to me, I was in ore, and not just me, about every single other guy in that room was looking at her.

'Hi', I Said, 'Hi' She Replied, Dam it seemed a bit strange them first couple of minutes. 'How are you', I Said, now starting to get some confidence, 'I, I'm fine thank you, how are you', 'I'm okay, so were did you come from', I Said, 'Well I did mention when I was up there, but I came from up north way' She Said, 'Oh right', I Replied.

I carried on chatting with her the whole lesson, she was a very nice girl, and I just couldn't believe that she was talking to me.

I asked her if she would like to hang out with me after school, she said she would, I couldn't believe it was going so smoothly.

After school I waited at the main gate for the girl I met in class. It was starting to sink in now; I started to tremble a little bit due to my nerves. I saw her coming out the main entrance, now my heart seemed to go overdrive. I kept saying to myself to just calm down or else I might have a heart attack or something.

‘Hi’ I Said, ‘Hi, you okay’ She replied, ‘Yeah, why you ask’, I said, ‘Oh no reason, you just look like you have seen a ghost or something, you are so pail’ She continued, ‘Oh, right, sorry I’m a little nervous, you see I havn’t done this before’ I replied, ‘Aw, how sweet, I’m a bit nervous too, I don’t know what to say sometimes’. She Said, ‘Yeah, I no the feeling’ I replied.

We started walking chatting on the way, we were chatting about our science teacher, Mr Johnson. He had a little wig held on by a little clip of some kind, and every now and again, a breeze would lift it, it was absolutely hilarious, he would go bright red and start yelling at everyone for laughing at him.

We finally reached a little café just in the town centre. It was a nice little place, it looked like it had been here for sometime. We had a cup of tea and just chatted some more about random things, like what schools we had been to before the one we were at now, what we liked to do in our spare time exacta.

‘Wow, I really like this’ I said, going bright red, ‘Yes me too, we should do this more often’ She replied, she as well going red, ‘Yes defonately, why don’t you give me your number and we could keep in contact’ I said, ‘Yes okay, here it is’ She replied.

We exchanged mobile numbers and then went our separate ways, I went home for dinner and I assumed she was too. When I got home, I had a massive grin on my face, I couldn’t stop. Could this be, I thought, could I be finally in love.

I walked into the kitchen and there was my mother, she seemed worried. ‘Hi mum’ I said, with a spring in my step, ‘Hi love, were have you been all this time’ She replied, ‘Oh, nowhere I was just with a friend from school, a girl’ I added, ‘Oh really, a girl ay, well good for you’ She replied, with a smile on her face’, I was getting a bit worried love, you never told me you were going to be this late in, I would appreciate it if you would in the future, okay’ She continued, ‘Yeah, okay, sorry mum’ I replied.

The next day I went out for a walk to clear my head, and boy did it need clearing. All night long all I could think about was her, the girl I met in class. I didn’t even know her name, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about her.

That day I had arranged to meet up with her again, and this time I had to find out her name. I was sat in a near by park sat on the swings waiting for her, and all of a sudden I felt a cold chill, it seemed to completely numb me, but only for a second or so. I turned to see her stood waving at me, I was a bit spooked but relieved to see her again.

All day while I was with her I couldn’t help thinking about that weird feeling, and just as she appeared too. I put the thought in the back of my mind and just tried to have a good time. After about an hour of meeting her I finally asked her what her name was, she said it was Lilly. A lovely name for a girl of her beauty, it seemed to fit her very well.

We went for a walk together and ended up at the café we went to the day before. We sat just looking at one another, just memorised at each other. I felt the urge to kiss her, and I very carefully and gradually leaned forward, and she did the same. I looked at her as she closed her eyes, and then I did the same.

I then felt her lips touch mine; I felt like I was floating in mid air, it was a lovely feeling. I moved away and opened my eyes to see her looking at me like she wanted more. ‘Wow, that, that was amazing’, I said, ‘Yes it was’ She replied, ‘What do you want to do now, go for another walk or’, I said, ‘We could but I have another idea, why don’t we go back to yours’ She replied, ‘Eh, Yeah, sure my parents are out so I guess so’, I said, blushing even more, ‘Great’, She replied.

We got back to my house, I quickly checked around the house to make sure they were out, thankfully they were. We go upstairs to my room and were sat on the bed. I was really getting a bit nervous, and I could see she was too.

‘So, what would you like to do’, I said, ‘I, I don’t know, what would you like to do’ She replied, ‘Well I would like to kiss you’ I said, ‘Oh, okay, I would too’ She replied.

We must have been making out for what seemed to be half an hour, I loved it, I felt like the king of the world. Lilly then stood up at the side of my bed, and started to unbutton her top. I watched in owe, I couldn’t believe that I was experiencing my first sexual encounter.

She dropped her top onto the floor and looked at me, her breasts in her bra just reminded me of two big grapefruits. ‘Do you like what you see’ Said Lilly, ‘Eh, yeah, you look so beautiful’ I replied.

As I looked at her, her eyes changed colour, from blue to a reddish colour, it freaked me out slightly, ‘Are you okay, Lilly’ I said, ‘I am fine, I want to show you something’ She replied, ‘What’s that’ I said, ‘Watch’ She replied with a smile on her face.

She was stood looking right at me, and then she seemed to close her eyes and tilted her head to the floor. She then sprouted what seemed to be little horns on the top of her head, and then wings seemed to grow from her back. I was really getting freaked out; I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.

Her breasts then seemed to get gradually larger and her body seemed to change, she was a curvy girl already, but her body seemed to get curvier. She opened her eyes and they had changed colour once more, from reddish to what I could describe like a huskies eyes like a grey colour, her hair changed colour to from blonde to a brunette.

I was gob smacked my jaw seemed to hit the floor, I just kept saying to myself; you need to run, this just wasn’t normal.

She was just stood there looking right at me, then she said, ‘You okay, you look like you have seen a ghost’, ‘Eh, no I’m fine Lilly, I just can’t believe what I have just seen’ I replied, ‘I had to show you this, I really like you, and I didn’t want to keep this from you, I thought it was unfair’ She said’, but I have something else to tell you, my name isn’t Lilly, it’s Lilth’ She continued’, Oh, well thanks for telling me, I’m glad’ I replied,

‘Do you have anything to say’ Said Lilth, ‘Em, yeah what are you’ I replied, ‘I am a succubus, a demon that takes the form of a girl or women depending on the person been targeted, and makes love with them, in turn taking his sole’ She said, ‘Jesus, your not going to take my sole, are you’ I replied, now panicing, ‘Well, I was, but I seemed to get attached to you, I felt human for the first time in my life, I don’t want to hurt you, I want to be with you’ She said,

‘Oh, I really like you too, but I think this demon look needs to be kept under raps, if your seen by other people, you could get into some bother’ I replied,

‘I know that Darius, I will never show this form when in public eye, just to you, but I have another form too, but I will never show that, unless I am forced’ She said, ‘Oh okay, good, thanks Lilth for showing me your form, I want us to be together but we are going to have to keep this secret from people at school and my parents’ I replied, ‘Okay, that’s fine, and I’m glad you still want to be with me’ Said Lilth.


Chapter Two.
My Girlfriend A Succubus

I lay in my bed that night thinking about Lilth, a part of me laughed I was going out with a succubus a sexual demon that in any other situation would take me to bed and leave me with out a soul but not this one Lilth was special she loved me and wanted to be with me she filled my dreams that night and when the morning came I was inching to see her again, after breakfast I left my house through the front door and to my surprise Lilth was sitting on the wall surround my front garden.

She was sat, lent back slightly with her hand near her mouth, with her pinkie finger touching her lips. She looked at me like she wanted me, to go to bed with her or something. I just looked in utter amazement; I just couldn’t believe she was mine.

‘Morning’ She said, seductively, ‘morning, how are you’ I replied, ‘I feel fantastic, now that I’m with you once more’ She said, ‘I am glad to see you again too Lilth’ I replied.

After an awkward few minutes, us just stood in my front garden we set off for school. We had to run since we were nearly late. We got there just in nick of time, we were in biology this morning, dam I hated that class.

After class we went for a break, the whole point of this break was to get refreshed before the next lesson, we ended up in the lads toilets making out. We just couldn't keep our hands off each other.

Skipping to the end of school, we were just minding our own business, me and Lilth. We were sat on the field just cuddling and kissing each other. But not surprisingly Jonno was watching us from around the corner.

'Darius Spencer', Shouted a voice, 'I looked up to see Jonno and his five cronies walking our way. 'Well, well, what do we have here, Dickhead and his little slut' He continued, 'Hey, call me all you want Jonno, but leave her out of this' I replied, 'Give me one reason why I should' Said Jonno, 'Just piss off and leave us alone, we haven't done anything to cause this' I replied, 'Actually you have, you were born, which offends me ha, ha, Said Jonno, followed by five little chuckles from behind him.

'You bastard Jonno, I have done nothing to you, and neither has Lilly', now I suggest you piss off with the cock suckers you call friends stud there behind you and leave us the fuck alone', I said, 'You little fucker, now your gonna pay for that', Replied Jonno.

Jonno came running at me, he ran right at me, punching me, causing me to fall to the floor like a sack of spuds. His cock sucking friends were laughing the whole time, like little bitches they really were, they would never get involved.

Lilth was stud behind me with her head looking straight down, I glanced up for a split second, she looked really tense, her hands were clenched forming a fist, and she looked like she was shaking.

'Lilly, get out of here now, run and don't look back I don't want you to see this' I continued. With that she looked straight at me, here eyes were completely black, it looked like her pupils had exploded and taken over her eyes.

'Stop, stop now or you will regret it' Said Lilth, 'Why the hell should we I do that' Replied Jonno, Now looking directly at Jonno, 'Because you don't know what you are fucking with', Said Lilth.

She slowly walked forward, still looking straight at Jonno, I couldn't help but feel a spin chilling chill go right down my spine when I looked at her. She stud right in front of him, looking directly down, as he was kneeling down.

'Now, you have one more chance, leave him alone, or else' Said Lilth, Jonno leaves go of me and stands up, he was now level with Lilth, sniggering as he did. 'You can get fucked, Lilly, I will kick this squarny little bastards arse, and you will be a good little girl and watch' Replied Jonno, 'Ha', smiling', that was the best thing I heard you say Jonno, now you will regret saying that' Said Lilth.

Lilth put her hand on his shoulder, smiling as she did this, then there was a bright white flash, and then nothing, just ash on the floor, that seemed to be smouldering.

I looked at the steaming ashy remains of what was once Jonno, my mouth almost his the floor with astonishment. His five mates looked even more shocked, and looked at Lilth and ran.

Lilth just stood there, watching them run like the cowards that they were, then callapses to the floor. I rushed over to her, wondering what the hell had just happened. 'Lilth, Lilth, are you alright, answer me', I shouted. Here eyes flickered, she started to wake up.

'W, what happened' She replied, 'You mean you can't remember', I said, 'Remember what' She replied, looking concerned, 'You, you just turned a person into ash, that Jonno guy, he was beating me up and shouting abuse at me and you, and then you seemed to change, your eyes went completely black and you went really tense, and then you touched Jonno on the shoulder and a bright white light and then he was ash' I said.

'Oh, no, are you alright, please tell me I never hurt you' Replied Lilth, frantically, 'No, you never touched me, just Jonno. Tell me what the hell happened to you?', I said now intrigued, 'Well, I suppose you deserve to know, remember when I said there was another form I could take, that I didn't want to show you, in case of this happening' She replied, 'Yes' I said, 'Well that must have been a protion of that power, if I had released it fully I could have easily of destroyed everyone including you Darius' She continued.

'Right okay, look we'd better get going, its getting late, and we don't want the police to see us sat around a load of human ash' I said, 'Yeah okay' Smiled Lilth.

As we walked I kept looking at Lilth, remembering what she looked like for them last couple of minutes or so. That wasn't the Lilth I loved, that was a monster.

'Darius, I've been thinking, I think we should go our seperate ways for a little while, just to get some breathing space' Said Lith, 'B, But why, I love you, and I want to be with you' I replied, 'I know you do, and I love you too, but what I did today has really shook me, and I feel a break might help us come to terms with it, and then if all is well, we can go out again' Said Lilth.

'Right, I see what you mean, look if you ever need me, or want to see me text me okay' I said, 'Yes, okay, you stay safe', Replied Lilth.

With that we hugged for the last time, until we met again, we both cried slightly as we parted. We said our good byes and went our different ways.

When I got back home I went straight to my room, and collapsed on my bed, with my head in my pillow. I cried like a baby that night, thinking about it now it wasn't the most grown up thing to do. It was very childish, we didn't actually split up, we just went our separate ways to recover from what happened that night.

Like a desperate little virgin that I was, I was like a sheep with out its mother, moaning her absence, desperate for milk and a cuddle.

'Love, you alright' Said My Mum, 'Yeah, I'm fine' I replied, 'Did you have a nice time then, with this Lilly' Said My Mum, 'Yeah it was good', I replied.

'Okay love well dinners nearly ready' She Said, 'Okay' I replied.

The next day I slept in bed like the lazy arse that I was, feeling sorry for myself. There was no school today as it was Saturday, a few days previous I planned to meet up with Lilth, and to go into town, but that plan was halted.

I finally and sluggishly got up at around half twelve, I went down stairs to see my dad sat on the sofa reading the paper. 'Afternoon son, about time you got your lazy arse out of that bed, in my day my dad used to slap me across the back side with his slipper for been late up' Said My Dad, 'Oh great thanks for that dad, now thats an image I will never get out of my head' I replied.

I walked into the kitchen and slumped in the chair and calapsed on the table. My mum was as always stood at the sink washing up. 'What's up love' She Said, 'Yeah it was okay' I replied, 'are you sure, your face says something different' She Said, 'Well, it doesn't matter' I replied, 'Come on tell me, is it something to do with Lilly' She Said, 'Sort of, we sort of went our separate ways, she said to have a breather from each other' I replied, 'Oh, that breather thing, well look love, I know this better than anyone, she really likes you, and I can't see her walking away from you, she'll be back' She said, 'really, I some how really dought that' I replied, 'listen to me, she will come back, okay stop fretting' She said.

The next morning, I woke up still feeling sorry for myself; I just wanted Lilth back in my arms again, was that too much to ask.

Today myself and my parents arranged to go out for the day. It wasn’t anywhere special just us going for a little drive. My mum thought it would be nice to go for a picnic in the countryside.

I objected at first and I didn’t want to be a laughing stock again, I had enough of that at school. But it suddenly occurred to me, with Jonno now, em, gone I figured school wouldn’t be as bad anymore, as he was the main person behind it all.

It seemed like we had been driving for hours, but in reality it must have been no more than an hour or so. We arrived at this field, looking out on the beautiful countryside landscape. It was certainly a change from been in the city, as sometimes the city can be a bit to much, and boring as I have done just about everything humanely possible.

So got out the car to stretch our legs, my back and neck was hurting due to been scrunched up in a small three door hatchback for the last hour or so.

I went for a walk in the nearby wood as I was really interested in wildlife and thought I might see something. Luckily I had a pretty good camera on my phone so I could take a picture if I saw something special.

As I was walking I came across this little river that ran into a big open pond. It spread for at least half a mile. The sun shone in from a gap in the trees, it looked like a haven, and somewhere you could come and forget your troubles of life.

I sat by the side of the pond, frowing pebbles into, trying to make them skip. I must have been there no more than fifteen minutes when I heard something, sounded like a twig been snapped by something standing on it.

I heard it again and again, the noise seemed to get louder as it got closer, I seemed like it was coming from behind me, and then something that I was not expecting. A beautiful white horse came right passed me, and stopped. I put my hand out in order to stroke it.

It allowed me to, I was amazed that this beautiful creature was here letting me stroke it, it certainly cheered me up.

It then carried on walking as if it was going to the pond for a drink, I watched as it elegantly tilted its head towards the water and splashed the water with it tongue.

And then something else happened that I wasn’t expecting, it turned round, and looked right at me, and then started to violently kicking it front legs in the air. It startled me and I started to very slowly walk backwards.

Then silence, it just stood staring right at me, it eyes seemed to change colour from black to red. This was no ordinary horse; obviously, this must have been something after him, something who knew Lilth sent to get rid of us.

Then something that I was not expecting happened, the woodland floor began was engulfed in flames, causing the trees and foliage around us to set on fire.

The horse kept staring, and I swear it looked like he was smiling, with that the flames then engulfed him, the noise as the flames burning and scolding him was
disturbing beyond belief.

The flames seemed to form what I could only describe as a sphere, whizzing round at an exceptional speed. I then began to realise what was going on, he was morphing into his original form.

With that I heard a rumble, I looked up to see the clouds had formed a black mass causing thunder and lighting, it reminded me of the apocalypse.

I couldn't understand why my mum and dad had not noticed it, or where trying to find me. I must have been gone for a good three or so hours. My mum was a little over the top when it came to anything like that.

Then I massive bolt of lightening came crashing down, hitting the sphere of spinning flames that in cased the horse demon creature.

A massive explosion knocked me off my feet shooting me about 60 yards from were I once stood. I looked to see that his metamorphous was complete, the trees and floor was still a light with flames but the flaming sphere was gone.

The horse was stood there, eyes red, but now completely black, with massive wings with giant holes in them. As he snorted flames came out of his nose, which deeply I thought was pretty cool.

The horse then began to walk towards me, the ground as he stepped set on fire. 'Darius Spencer', I am here to destroy you, I have been sent to wipe the world of your existence' Said the demonic voice, that was coming from the horse.

'Why, why destroy me, I haven't done anything wrong' I Said, 'Oh but you have, you are friends with demon known as Lilth, this has serious consiquences' Replied demon horse, 'You mean Lilly, oh know, she is just my girlfriend, she isn't a demon' I Said, trying to put him off,

'You dear to make a fool of me, you think I am stupid Darius, I know she is whom I speak of, she is part of a family of demons that rivals mine, we have been locked in a never ending battle, her family has killed many of ours, so its our turn to get revenge' Replied the Demon horse.

'Right I'm really sorry for your losses, demon horse, but I really don't think killing me will do any good' I Said, 'Killing you human, you are the key to finding the one I seek, killing you would be a great thing for my family' He replied.

'Demon horse, before you kill me, what's your name, I am curious as I find stuff like this immensely interesting, I Said, 'You are a weird one human, you ask me my name, as I threaten you with death, but very well, I am famous in Hindu mythology, I am known as Keshi, people believe I was killed by the hands of an Avatar of god Vishnu, also known as Krishna' He Replied,

'Oh yeah, I read something about that, well I suppose you will be killing me now' I Said, 'Of course I am but my plan is to trap Lilth, holding you hostage' Replied Keshi, 'Oh right, well there maybe a problem there, were not together at the moment, we split for some breathing space issues' I Said, 'Ha, ha, you keep taking me as a fool, any demon that ever makes contact with someone, and likes them, will never stay away, they will be there looking over them until that person dies' Replied Keshi.

While I was engaging Keshi with my ludicrous questions, unbeknown to me someone was listening in, someone myself or Keshi knew nothing about.

Keshi laid down on the ground still setting the area around him on fire, I pleaded with him to turn down the flames, at this rate there wouldn't be any woodland left. He agreed and stopped his flames, turning into his normal form.

While this all was going on, I was in for another surprise, something I defonately wasn't expecting.

All of a sudden I felt a rush of air go right past my head, it startled me and I jumped backwards. I looked to see what the thing or object was, I looked infront of me, no more than a few feet was a bright white arrow sticking out of the ground.

The bright white arrow seemed to have an effect on Keshi, he was shelding his eyes due to the glare been to much, I had to admit even I was having trouble looking at it.

Then a minute later another rush of air skipped past me, it was another arrow this time striking Keshi in his right hand side, causing him to leap up in pain.

'What the hells going on here, who the hells doing this, is it Lilth' I thought to myself. 'Whos doing this' I continued.

'Ah!, whos doing is this' Shouted Keshi, staring in the direction of the arrows, 'I demand you show yourself, unless you are a coward' He continued.

With that a bright light shun through the trees, like a beacon of light pointing directly at Keshi causing him even more pain.

As I looked at the light it looked as if the light was coming together to form something, at this point I had no clue as to what.

Then the light surrounding the figure suppressed and began to form a sphere encasing it. It stayed it this position for a few more minutes and then a great flash and then darkness, the light had completely disappeared.

Stood in front of me was a man, I couldn't make out who he was as he had his back to me looking at Keshi. 'Wh-who are you' Said Keshi, 'I am your end' Replied the man, 'I don't think so, you cannot destroy me with a few fancy arrows' Said Keshi sarcasticly, 'Hm, you havn't changed have you' Replied the man, 'After nearly three thousand years, you havn't changed' He continued,

'Who are you, how do you know of me' Replied Keshi, 'You don't know, your saying, you have forgotten me, the one who destroyed your master' Said the man, 'No, no it couldn't be, you were, this cannot be happening' Cried Keshi, 'Oh but it is, I am Darthius' He replied, with that he put his arms out in front of himself and ran his hands along, like he was holding a pole or something, as he ran his hands along a bright light beamed out creating a long bow.

He pointed it directly at Keshi, the expression on his face, the name Darthius obviously echoed in his head causing him the freak out.

'Now Keshi, you have been terrorising the innocent for far to long, you and the rest of your retched family will torn from existence. With that he lifted the bow and touched the string then a line of light then fan right through the bow creating an arrow, but this one was far different than the other two, this one was five times the size.

He pulled back the string and let it go, the arrow flow through the air and passed straight through Keshi's head and exploding behind him.

Keshi never stood a chance, he stud there for a few seconds and then started the crumble and disappeared.


Chapter Three
A History Lesson.

I sat in ore looking at this Darthius character, and at the smoldering ash remains of what used to be a demon horse called Keshi.

Was this person friend or foe, I was terrified, my life seemed to flash before my eyes, I never even had sex. I tried to speak to him, I needed to know what this guys intentions were with me.

'H, hi, wh, who are you', I Said, 'You know who I am', Replied Darthius, ' I do, but I've never seen you before' I Replied, 'Oh but you have, you've known me all of your life' Said Darthius, 'Who the hell are you, I know I have never seen you before, have you been following me and stalking us or something' I Replied,

'No I haven't been stalking you, and you do know who I am, would you like me to reveal who I am, and prove it to you' Said Darthius, 'Yeah please do' I Replied.

He turned around facing me, he put his head down and stretched out his arms sideways. Then there was a shriek or white light that blinded me for a moment, when I looked up again all the light had disapeared, but stud infront of me scared the hell out of me.

I just couldn't believe my eyes, he was right, I did know this person, and I have know him my all life. My dad was stud were the Darthius character once was.

'What the hell' I Said, 'Hi son, surprised' He Replied, 'Eh, yeah just a bit, what the hell was that' I Said, 'Son, its time that I had the talk with you, this has been a secret for a very long time, even your mother doesn't know about this' He Replied.

'Why doesn't mum know' I Said puzzled, 'because this isn't ment to be seen by the normal people or as we no as mortals' He Replied.

I could understand my dad in a way, if my dad had mentioned this to my mum, it may have destroyed there relationship, and that also meant that I may not have been adopted.

'Right okay I understand, but dam this is really weird', I Said, 'I bet it is', He Replied, 'What the hell are you ment to be?, I Said, 'Well I'm known as an Inccabus', He Replied', 'An Inccabus, so whats that like a type of demon?, I Asked slightly interested, 'Well you could say that. You've heard of a Succubus right?, 'Yeah, like a demon that takes the shape of women of a mans desires and makes love with him and takes his sole', I Replied, 'Yeah thats it, well your friend, or girlfriend, Lilly, I hate to say this but she is a Succubus', Said My Dad,
'Well I kind of already know that, I was been set upon by some arseholes at school, and I tried to protect Lilly, I told her to run, but she stayed put and ended up killing the head guy', I Replied,

'Ah, right, that means if she stood by you, and protected you, this means she has grown attached to you, this is a very rare occurance, this only happens when a Succubus sences something special about the person she is stalking', Said My Dad.

Dam he was right, she must have been watching over me, and observing me for some time, that explains why she has always been there for me, and protected me that time.

I didn't know weither to feel honoured or shit scared, my Dad coming out of the wood work saying what he truely was, and my girlfriend, my life was fucked up before, but now its way beyond that now.

'Son I have more news I need to tell you, this may come over as a bit of a shock, but I guess your all out of that after the other news' Said My Dad, 'Oh please, please tell me, I just long for more destroying news' I Replied sarcastically, 'okay, sit down, I strongly suggest you do' Said my Dad, 'Alright, right okay I’m sat, what is this news' I Replied.

I really wish I never murmured them four little words, cause what I was about to find out truly destroyed me inside.

'Right well you've been living a lie, you were told that both your parents died when you were very young, and you were sent to a home' Said my Dad, ' yeah, what about it' I Replied, 'well I'm your actual father, when you were born your mother was involved in a fatal accident that involved in her losing to much blood, they had to do a caesarean section in order to save your life'.

'When you were born, you stayed at the hospital for 3 months as you were very early, at least a month'. 'I brought you home, but it was far to dangerous at the time for me to keep you, so I took you to a home, I figured you'd be safe there'.

'Then I met your step mom about 2 years ago, fell in love, but never stopped thinking about you or your mother, your step mom couldn't have children due to health issues, so we desided to adopt, so under a different name, we adopted you' Continued my Dad.

I stared at the floor, tears started to come over me, I couldn't control myself, I had lived a lie, I went through so much shit at that place, I didn't know weither to kill him or kill myself.

I looked up at my Dad, turned and ran, I ran and ran, seemed like miles, but most likely was no more that a few feet. I sat on a old tree trunk, I put my head in my hands and cried my eyes out. I heard my Dad shouting for me, he must have been thinking the worst, but at this time, I didn't care about his feelings, I mean could you blame me?.

I felt as if my dad had litually pulled out my heart, kicked it and put it straight back into my chest, thats just how it felt.

I sat wondering weither to run away or stay and play it through. I strongly wanted to run and never come back.

All I could see in my head was my dad and my step mum talking to the police, my mum in floods of tears, and my dad holding her, reasuring her. Then a warm feeling came over me, making me feel slightly better.

I rubbed my last tear from my eye and looked up, at the night sky. It looked beautiful, all thoughs little twinkles of light twinkling away, as if it were effortless.

This warm feeling, felt very formilliar to me, it felt like the spirit of the old lady that used to come to me when I was at that home. I don't know who she was, but all could figure out was that she used to live there, back before it became the orphanage.

Ever since I can remember I have always been able to see supernatural things, like spirits, that other people around me couldn't see, I did help a few poor unfortunate spirits find peace, and sent the to the other side to be with there loved ones that found the light. It fasinated me beyond belief.

I smiled and with a whisper I said, '' thanks old lady, thanks for making me feel better'', with that I heard a voice reply back to me, '' your welcome my dear, but you must go to your father and make a mense with him, or you will regret it for the rest of your life'', I thanked her once more, and then I felt her energy start to subside, and disapear.

My dad had finally caught up to me, I looked at him, seeing the worry in his eyes. I ran to him and rapped my arms around him, and hugged him like I never had before.

''Who was you talking to just now'', Said My Dad, ''Oh, no one'' I Replied, trying not to let on, ''Come on, tell me, you were talking to someone, I heard you say, 'thanks old lady, well?, Continued My Dad, ''Look its nothing, please just leave it'', I Replied, ''You were talking to a spirit weren't you?, Asked My Dad.

I could barely believe what my Dad just said, did he know I could see spirits. I thought to myself, asking myself why, how, he knew that.

''How did you know that'', I Said, ''Well, I senced something strange when I was running after you, hense why I was worried about you'', My Dad Replied, ''Well the long story short son, you have some abilties that I have, you are whats known as a Nefferlin, which is a human, that has abilites of a demon, in your case you have my ability to sence spirits, and also demons a like'' Continued My Dad,

''Oh, really, cool, so thats why I could see things I couldn't understand, and hear things that nobody else could'' I Replied, ''Yes thats right son, its a bit strange I know, but son, this is the truth, and this is why these demons are after you, and your friend Lilth'' Said My Dad, ''Oh, tell me why are they after Lilth, I heard you say to that horse thing back there, that she was part of some family of Demons or something?, I Replied, now intregued,

''Well the thing is, nobody knows for sure, some people, and demons think she is the daughter of Satan himself, or as you may know him better as The Devil. And some say she is the first Demon, and she was just simpily just a fallen angel cast out of heaven, but these are all just theorys, but we intend to find out'' My Dad continued,

This was insane, my girlfriend was possibly the daughter of Satan, shit, I could imagine going there for some kind of get together, or meeting her parents for the first time, and been welcomed by him, ha dam most families complain about certain family members, but christ you wouldn't dare say a damn word to his face or behind his back.

More soon.

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