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Zombies and Werewolves beg for treats
This is the night when the dead rise and walk,
When they congregate into gangs and packs,
And through the streets of our cities stalk,
Sweet prey concealed in Halloween sacks.

Are those zombies knocking at our doors?
Are they looking for our brains or sweet treats?
Do they want chocolate covered apple cores?
Do they prefer healthy fruit or sweets?

Behind them a pack of werewolves approach,
They wait for candy-crazed zombies to leave,
Then one by one onto our stoops encroach:
If they do not get raw meat will they heave?

Perhaps they would like bags of candy corn,
That will keep them happy until the morn.

Line count:14
Form: English sonnet – a 14-lime iambic pentameter poem rhyming 1) abab cdcd efef gg, 2) abba cddc effe gg, and 3) abba abba cdcd cd. This form is composed of three quatrains and a couplet.
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