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This piece is based on a real experience. Same woman but a different situation.
Same woman. Another time.

Same woman. Another place.

Not at work. A public place.

Out on the town. Met by chance.

A casino. A night out.

Playing cards. Three card.

Winning? I wish.

New players sit down. Maybe a new mix?

A touch on the arm.  I turn to look.

Its her. Shes with them.

I smile. Exchange hellos.

Her husband wants to play. No seat at the table.

Another table for him. She stays to talk.

I'm at third base. She stands to my right.

We chat. They deal.

I play. And win.

Nice change. She brought luck.

I tell her. She laughs.

She smiles. She stays.

I stack the chips. Press the bet.

Luck has turned. She cannot leave.

So much noise. Hard to hear.

I lower my ear. She leans. in.

That's better. I can hear now.

We gossip. Office stuff.

The boss's son.  The unhappy VP.

The dealer. The cards.

I bet. The streak continues.

The seat to my right empties. She steps in closer.

Her mouth close to my ear. I tilt my head down.

The blouse falls open.  Could it happen again?

The cards fade away.  The chips still grow.

I sneak a peak. And oh my!

What do I spy? With my little eye?

Red. It is red.

Her bra is red. And dangerously low-cut.

Again and again. I peer down within.

And at last I'm rewarded. As her tiny nubbin slips out.

My heart, a tick faster. Its happening again

The same thing. But different.

A breast. But more.

The time. The place.

Amost. As if.

She planned it tonight. The way that she's dressed.

Low cut blouse. Low cut bra.

She has to know. Doesn't she?

How could she not. Lilith would say.

The guilt this time. Has gone away.

Not planned for me. There is no way.

No way she'd know. Absolutely no way.

I'd be here tonight. On this stool by her side.

But she had to know. Something might show.

For me there's no way. For me there's no way.

For me there's no way. She planned it this way.

Her husband is here. Was it for him?

Or does he enjoy this? A game that they play?

They couldn't have planned this. With me as the one.

Unless she decided. Right on the spot.

This time the right. Last time the left.

I silently wonder. Which one is best.

This time of course. For it is now.

Her right breast of course. Her nipple so hard.

Her show (just for me?). Something else getting hard.

Her nipple erect. Thanks for the AC.

Her nipple erect. Or is it for me?

The lighting. Not great.

In and out. It peeks.

Again. Does she know?

Women are aware. Lilith has said.

So she's aware? So she does not care?

If a game that she plays? I am the winner.

Her husband appears. He's ready to leave.

Shared good-byes. Have a good night.

As she leaves. Her hand on my sleeve.

Did she feel it? My arm tremble.

A smile. Something more.

Good-bye. So long.

She's gone. Her breast is gone.

Collecting my chips. A double win night.

More chips than I had.  She brought me some luck.

I wonder again. Was he part of a game.

Only one winner tonight? Or were there more?

Only one winner tonight? Or were there two?

Only one winner tonight?  Or were there three?

How many winners. Definitely one.

If only one winner. Then I was the one.

Were there two winners? Did she win too?

Were there two winners? Was it him?

Her. I decide.

Two winners for sure. Her and I.

Her nipple erect. I don't believe the AC.

I think her nipple. Was erect for me.

Three winners tonight. Was it also his play?

Did he, her and I. All win our own way.

When they get home. Rewards on the way?

Three winners tonight? I really don't care.

Two winners tonight. Is all that I need.

Another look. Another look at her breast.

No matter their game. One winner was me.

The memory she gave me. I cannot escape.

The memory she gave me. I don't want to escape.

I've seen it before. Wait, the other side yes.

But this time. No guilt.

Or do I feel guilty? For feeling no guilt?

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