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pre rough outline for story
so far, story is that a teenage boy is pulled from the present into another, less civilized world, and is prophesied to free the land from the oppression of the evil dragons. but are they evil?

sean marshall, hero, 17, loner before coming to new world, grows over course of story. as his powers/skill progress, gets high on power

lyrala, young member of older race, possibly elf, party member and possible love interest. avowed pacifist, changes ways after seeing how it doesnt work against unrepentant evil. will have issues relating to this change of philosophy, not least of which involves sean getting severely injured due to her lack of action.

magic will be prevalent and common in new world, and be techno-based, still debating aether or nanite-driven. 'magic' will be widespread artifacts/constructs left over aeons ago from an extinct elder race. the tech is usable, but the properties are incomprehensible to the current denizens, sean will have better grasp than average, due to modern info

the true antagonists will be revealed later in the story as the mech people cabal, there is a ideological rift in the mech race, with some for eradication of 'messy and imperfect' bio systems, to be replaced by mech.

there are only 4 dragons remaining, due to infighting. 3 of them split up the realm, the strongest rules over all. they will probably be more asian-type dragons, as opposed to most dragons depicted. possibility that dragons embody elements. later in story it will be revealed that the dragons in and of themselves arent evil, they are the good guys trying to restore the balance of magic and nature to the world.

still working on what influences to draw on for the world, once thats done i can work on a name and place names.

also have to work on exactly what the prophecy is, and the type and extent of magic in the world.

also have to figure out the mentor/teacher. so far, though, i have decided to be perverse and go against all prior precedent and have the teacher live throughout the story. there might be a separation, but mentor will survive beyond the end of the story.

possible names to use, elim, rahoz, qirt, grolp, scib

this is still partial, more will be added once i flesh out the ideas better

ratings, reviews and feedback are welcome. capitalization, spelling and grammar are atrocious here, any further forays will be more polished, this is just to work out the general sense of where i want to go with the story.
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