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The dangers of working at home [for 12/02/11 Daily Flash]
Fast First Aid

"So, Mr. Landry, while we get you cleaned up a mite, you mind tellin' me what happened?"

"Well, me an' my son were doin' some stuff around the house--little fix-it jobs and the like--and I was gettin' ready to pound in a nail on the bracket for one of them electric powered candles, when my wife, Pearl, hollered 'Snake!'  Well, sir, that hammer plumb missed the nail and hit my fingers instead, and I hollered and jumped, which was bad, 'cuz I was on a ladder at the time."

"Yeah, I can see how that wouldn't be good."

"Not good at all.  I fell back and whacked the back of my head pretty good, and it commenced to bleedin'; made quite a mess, too.  Anyways, it scared Jeff somethin' awful, and he just used the first thing that came to hand to keep it all from leakin' out."

"Well, that explains the plastic and the duct tape.  How many times you reckon he wrapped it around your head?"

"Oh, two or three, I guess.  He's pretty good at wrappin' stuff."

"Okay.  Well, I guess we're ready to take off the tape.  It's probably gonna hurt somethin' fierce."

"About the same as last time, I expect.  I just hope it leaves some hair this time around."

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