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The long lost Relative (who I'm related to I don't know)
An Open Letter to European Royalty:

You don't know me and I'm not sure that you would want to meet me. Probably not, but that's okay.  I'm related to some of you (mostly indirectly and probably 20 or 25 times removed) and it's on the wrong side of the sheets, I'm afraid. You probably don't consider me to be royal (I'm too far removed, but I have drops of it in my blood).

I'm fascinated with your lifestyle even though in reality it isn't what it's cracked up to be.  I would love for one evening to have the best designers in the world make a beautiful gown for me to wear at the ball.  Or fix my hair or my nails or toenails.  This would be nice one time in my life to experience this.  I know you are probably tired of it all because after a while this gets boring, dull or perhaps old. Perhaps I would feel that way if I lived your lifestyle.

The interesting places you go and the interesting people you met, well, at least some of them (guess it depends on what you're interests are or who these people are). I've traveled throughout the United States and have met interesting people as well. Of course the ones you meet are celebs, world leaders or well-known writers or political figures. Mine have generally been average people althought back in the 1990's I heard a speech that the Rev. Desmond Tutu gave while he was in the United States. 

When I have dreamed about what it would be like to be a royal princess, I realize that I control the dream.  Everyone is nice to me, everyone like me and I'm just adored by everyone.  This is not reality period for me or anyone else.

The reality of the  women that I've related to going back centuries wasn't so dreamy.  I'm assuming that most of these women worked in estates as domestic servants or took care of children.  They were not royals originally but had children with men who were royal. 

The children or at least some of them were acknowledged and taken care of which was a good thing.  The fathers of these children were primarly Earls and Lords or later became such.  Many of their descendents came to the United States after 1800. 
One of these indivduals had been in the British Army I've been told and came to the mid-west shortly after 1800. 

Could this be why I've always  been fascinated with British royalty and royalty in general?.  I've had some interest in French royalty as well but mostly right before and after the French revolution. Perhaps there is a connection here.  I don't know.

Well, I will end this letter.  Sincerely, baronesslucy
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