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This is how I feel about the night.
The clock is nearing eleven thirty. I just finished watching a movie.My mind, all disturbed with the rot of what my eyes has been through. Never again shall I do this! For it was basically a waste of such a wonderful night god has given to me. Now I find myself moving non stop through the nib of my pen. My thoughts racing against one-another, not knowing which one will make it out to the finish line, and the ones which would die out of intellectual starvation before they could even make it to finish the race.

                  I take a deep breath! As my mind tries to settle the dust of vanity inside it. Slowing clearing my mind, so that I could see clearly with my third eye. Visualize what I'm supposed to think. Visualize just plain emptiness, so that more relaxed my body could become. The mosquitoes feast upon my legs as they dwell in their lust for human blood....I put the coil on to burn, so that I would protect my legs and give myself utmost comfort to dwell in the land of; the world I called "Dreamt Reality". Suddenly! My pen stops moving on the paper...Finally! Like a river that has just been released from the blockage, my pen, my pal, moves upon my sheet and begins to write what went through my mind for those brief moments of stoppage. It was like, " As if emptiness filled the voidness of my mind, and once filled up with emptiness;that means nothingness; Which is at least something to think of! Rather than being nothingness itself", my pen flowed from then on.

                    I look up and close my eyes and finally open them out facing the burning tube light. It was as if it ave me the strength to continue writing, and to move along this gentle night as if I were afloat in space. Then! I realize, that my mind no more speaks to me of emptiness nor of thoughts. So I decide to lay my pen to rest for the night, as I retire peacefully to a peace less sleep in the shadows of the dark and dreadful black night!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1856884-The-Night