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I few poems, to be sorted later


It’s February, the month of my fears
The worst month ever, the month of my tears
It just reminds me, of the pain you gave
A valentine, that sent me to my grave….
What did I do to make you run and hide?
Maybe you found out, who I am inside.
Maybe I wasn’t good enough for you
And if you ask me; Yeah I agree too.
But couldn’t you pretend, it was okay
Instead of leaving and going away
All I ever wanted was you and me…
I understand, that I will never be,
Worthy enough for your heart, or for you,
But aren’t I worth, an explanation to?
It’s February, the month of my fears
The worst month ever; cause it marks two years
Since when our friendship started to grow,
And a whole year since you forgot to show.

Courageous Pride:

I wish that I had more courage; enough to die                    
To just end it all now and to; stop asking why
But what if tomorrow the sun; begins to shine?
And so I could never for they’d; have the last line.

What if:

What if I drive on,
Till I run to the sea?          
What if I cry hard,
Would you come back for me?
What If I told you,
How much I think of you?
What if I praised you,
Would you come back to me?
What if I left me,
And became all you want?
What if I need you,
Would you come back for me?
What if I died now,
And my grave you saw,
What if my life ended
Would you even shed tears?

I can’t stand to see your name,
Blank and Constantly offline,
Day after day after day
Why don’t you ever show up?
I know that you’ve been online
So why don’t you answer me?
I cant stand to see your name
Blank and constantly offline
Makes me want to press delete
Cause then, at least, I’d know why.
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