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Steve attends a party after recently splitting up with his girlfriend
With the rain bouncing off the windscreen, Steve considered turning the car around. The end of Summer party should have been bathed in sunlight, he was meant to be there with Mandy on his arm. Yet he was driving by himself in the September downpour.

Him and Mandy had both worked at the cinema, they started dating at the beginning of August. Things had been going well. They had driven into the woods, things had got steamy, each time she let him go further. He thought he would loose his virginity to an amazing girl, and head to college as a man.

A week ago, he walked in to the projection room to find Mike, a 24 year old college drop out, pinning Mandy against the wall screwing her hard.

If it hadn't been for Amy, he wouldn't have left the house. She was his next-door neighbour, and best friend. Throughout their childhood, her freckled face would pop up over the garden fence, her large glasses catching the light.

He pulled up to the curb. Music poured from the house into the night. With one last backwards glance into the rain, he plunged into the party.

Familiar faces passed him with friendly nods. He didn't spot anyone who he wanted to talk to. There was also no sign of Mandy. However, there also wasn't any sign of Amy, the one person who he  could talk to.

In the kitchen, he poured himself a beer from a keg. His eyes swept the room, wondering how many of the guests knew.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a flash of red. A girl walked past a doorway, a fleeting image of long tanned legs beneath a short red dress, chestnut hair spilling down bare shoulders. His mind raced through school mates trying to match the brief glimpse.

He weaved his way across the kitchen to the door way, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. He spotted her at the end of the room, her back to him, in-front of a window.

Slowly he wound his way towards her, trying to work out what to say. As he drew close, he could smell her perfume, a fruity scent drifting towards him.

He cleared his throat, hoping that when she turned round his mind would grasp some words.

She turned, her flowing hair swept past his eyes. His mouth dropped open.

“Hey Steve, there you are.” Light freckles dappled Amy's cheeks. Without glasses, her green eyes sparkled. Hair  normally held in a ponytail flowed down.

“Wow, you look different.” The shock of discovering the girl was Amy had made his pulse race.

“I got contacts. I knew you were looking forward to this party, I thought I should make an effort.” She turned back to the window, “Stopped raining, fancy a walk?”

Stepping stones meandered down to a gazebo, pools of white amongst the sea of black grass. Her high heels clicked, as she deftly picked her way.

“Mandy wasn't right for you. You deserve someone who cares for you.” She sat on the bench.

He paced in front of her, “Like who?”

“Me?” In one word, she offered herself to him. She turned from his best friend to the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, in a single syllable.

He froze in place. Her hand reached out, he took it. She gently pulled him down, he dropped to his knees. Their lips touched and his soul ignited, burning with desire for her.

His hands moved in a frenzy over her, feeling the soft satin of her dress beneath his fingertips. When he found the smooth skin of her thighs, he crept beneath the hem, sliding up her legs. Moving round her ass, he discovered she wore nothing beneath the dress.

Her hands reached down to his pants. She unleashed his member and he pushed the dress up her thighs. Her fingers stroked the ten inches of thick, eager cock. She moaned as she drank in her first experience.

Steve surged forward, simultaneously pulling her to the edge of the bench. She gasped as he impaled her, she felt him stretching her, making her feel completely full.

He pushed deep into her, all of his long, hard shaft buried inside. With each thrust, she cried out, the feeling of them together driving her crazy. Blood surged within her veins, hot beneath her skin.

He pulled straps from her shoulders, a swift yank dragged the dress down, exposing breasts. He bent, his lips finding an erect nipple. In bending, he slid from her body until nothing but the pulsating head sat inside her.

His tongue provided exquisite torture. She moaned with longing for him.

Releasing her breast, he plunged into her. Each inch surging into her built her orgasm. As his body pushed between her thighs, all of him inside her, the orgasm was released in a torrent of  joy. She lost control of her body, muscles clenched and she screamed into the night. Around his shaft, her orgasm flowed, a river of juices pouring from her body, his seed mixed within.

They clung to each other as their orgasms washed over them.

Word Count 863
Main cliché: The overlooked best friend.
Erotica clichés: giant penis, simultaneous orgasms, female ejaculation, amazing sex when loosing virginity
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