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Take a leap of faith in logic with me as I describe our impending dooms ;)
Our future's as individuals could be threatened. I believe that being an individual is no longer 100% achievable due to the way society is and the actions/behaviors/thought patterns of our ancestors. However, the fact remains that we can still be individuals in this world. If our minds, the only thing that makes us all in control of being who we are, were to be in someone else control.... wouldn't our lives cease to exist as far as the human experience goes. Yes, I do believe that one day our mind's could be controlled. By who, I honestly have no idea. I'd never find out in this lifetime anyways. The real question is how? and possibly even better: When? Also... What? >>>>definition of mind control>>>> I think mind control is manipulating another's senses in just the right way to make them think and hence, act on that thought in the way the controller wishes.

MInd control could happen through the media. I say could because the media is the only thing I can think of that is probably capable of mind control but the current screen definitions to do so are not yet in existence. However, they most likely will exist relatively soon. Nothing can stop this- The balls already rolling- so this is inevitable basically. Mind control is coming. The only way to control the mind is to control the senses.

I believe that our senses are where we gather the majority of our thoughts from. The body constantly sends messages to the brain that allow it to form certain thoughts based on it's memory reserves of collected experiences in time. In other words when you go outside and your body feels the cold, don't you instantly think about the temperature? Doesn't that same thought usually lead to an action. Depending on the individual, the action can vary but regardless of the individual an action occurred. The eyes(sight) and the ears(sound) are the best routes to mind control. Most thoughts are created from a combo of vision and sound. Those formed thoughts create actions. Televisions or rather screens in general are the easiest way to induce mind control. They provide the audio and video needed to mimic our imaginations( this is where the logic leap occurs... ironic?). At this current point in time, they can't fully mimic the imagination.

When was the last time you stared into a daze? Could you vividly see what you were thinking about? Probably so. Screen definitions are getting too real. By "real," I mean it's literally getting to the point where I seem like I'm actually there. I'm seeing things on tv that makes me question how real a person could look. Screens are the only source of visual mind control. Basically anything that makes you think it's real so holograms will prob count too for this in the future. Anyways the only experience I've ever had close to such a display was in my own head. When I imagined something or possibly dreamed of it too. Dreams might be taking it to far but I mean it only to use as a reference point experience-wise. But when I get lost in my thoughts sometimes... they become reality in a sense... at least to the point where I'm not actually doing anything in reality. That's normal though and we all do it... it's called thinking. Imagining is thinking visually.

There could come a day where screen definitions get so good that we are literally seeing our thoughts. That's a hard concept to grasp maybe but if you understand what I wrote above it should make perfect sense. In other words, when we look at the screen we will see intensely vivid imagery that should only occur in our imaginations and dreams; our thoughts essentially. This is when mind control will occur.

The difference, at this point, between imagination and mind control is that imagination is freely manipulated by the individual but with mind control the individual is freely manipulated but his/her imagination(thoughts). These thoughts of course being seen and heard from a manipulative source.

Visual based mind control is probably the most realistic way to do it.

The real mind control won't happen until the technology that could visually compete with our imaginations is made.

Sound won't be an issue as it will only enhance the visual. If a controlled person can't "see" then they can't be controlled to begin with.

I honestly think this is gonna be a load of bull and that the imagination can't be manipulated to such a degree but I have a negative view on life at the moment so deal with it ;D

On a serious note... one day we could all be slaves and not know it. Technology is going to be our downfall if it continues to be used in the wrong way
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