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Ideas to improve reviewing are found in this newsletter
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Hello, Power Reviewers!

This month's newsletter will concentrate on reviewing tips and information.

One of our group goals is to offer ideas and assistance which might improve member reviewing talents.

Regardless if you're an experienced reviewer who has heard it all before, or if you've never had any reviewing instruction, I hope you'll read through this newsletter. You might pick up at least one new idea which will be helpful to you.



The following entry from WDC 101, is very well-written. I highly recommend that you take a moment to look it over.

Let's examine one excerpt from it...

~How did the writing make you feel? Did it invoke any emotions?
~Can you relate to the writing through a personal experience?
~Did the plot interest you? Were the characters believable? Did the dialog flow naturally?
~Did the time, place and other setting characteristics work together?
~What did you like most? What did you like least? Did anything stand out?
~Is there anything you would change within the writing?
~Was the writing memorable? Why or why not?
~If this were your own writing, what would you want to know from a reviewer?

If you simply give a report about what you read, that's not very helpful to the author. It would be as though someone told you, "I read your story."
The author might wonder, "You read my story but what did you think of it?"

If you follow the guide about the opinions above, you would have given the author a helpful review. Let's look at how that guide might work with an actual item...

I opened up this random poem:
"A Wagging Tale"   by Don Two

Here is a stanza from it:

There was a Labrador costumed so classy, there was
a Pekingese parading in a fine design.
One of the Collies looked a lot like Lassie, and she
sported wrappings that appeared to be A-line.
Collie coats, cast our votes for the best costume;
There were a lot of dogs to judge in Doghouse,
All the rears were open-ended so they had some room.

If you simply wrote a 'report' about that poem, you might say:
"The author noticed several dogs at the dog contest. They would be judged in Doghouse."

How would that be any help at all to the author? She already knows what she wrote.

If you follow the guide that I mentioned above, you will find so much to offer to the author...

*Infov* How did the writing make you feel? Did it invoke any emotions?
You might let the author know that you chuckled at the thought of so many dogs in a fancy costume parade. You smiled as you imagined what the dogs must have looked like. You cried because it brought back memories of your childhood doggy experiences.

*Infob* Did the plot interest you? Were the characters believable? Did the dialog flow naturally?
In this case, we really don't get to know the characters so well. We do, however, get an idea of what the author tried to express. Perhaps you found the idea of this 'Doghouse' place really fascinating. Maybe you enjoyed the rhyme and thought it flowed nicely.

*Infog* Did the time, place and other setting characteristics work together?
You might let the author know that you felt she kept to the theme well and that her words helped you imagine the scene at the doggy parade.

*Infor* What did you like most? What did you like least? Did anything stand out?
Did you like the rhyme of this poem the best? Maybe you appreciated that the author named particular dog breeds. Maybe you felt that she could have used better rhyming words - Give her examples of what YOU would have used. What stood out in your opinion - Maybe you loved how she made the comparison of the Collie dogs to Lassie.

*Infov* Is there anything you would change within the writing?
Perhaps you might let the author know if some part of her wording didn't sound right to you. I actually didn't quite understand the last line of that stanza. I would have let her know. She might want to edit the last line to make her thoughts more clear.

*Infog*Was the writing memorable? Why or why not?
Most authors want to know that their writing touched you in some way. Will you remember this story the next time you see dog costumes at Pet Smart? Let her know that.

*Infor* If this were your own writing, what would you want to know from a reviewer?
This is a very good idea to keep in mind. If this had been YOUR poem and someone wrote you a review about it, what would you want to hear? Would you be grateful if someone pointed out a word which you spelled wrong? You have the ability to fix that, but you would never know if someone simply said..."I read your poem." Would you want verification that some parts of it were well-done? Would you want advice about something which might be changed a bit?



Templates, though not required, are a good tool to use. They can help to keep your reviewing ideas on track.

If you go to the left side of your screen and click on 'my account', you will be able to then click on 'my review tool' and follow the prompts to create a template. This will make your reviewing much easier.

You will then be able to concentrate only on doing each review, rather than having to set it up each and every time. ..And the reviews might be quicker and easier to do because it's like a 'guide' to your thoughts.

You can get creative and make any template you want...I think there's a nice link to templates at "Helping Links ... but here's a quick one here which you can copy and use or change around the way you'd like (...adding colors, centering, different image, no image, more ideas, etc.):

Hello {suser:}

{b}My Thoughts:{/b}

{b}My Favorite Part:{/b}

{b}My Suggestions:{/b}

{center}Write On!!{/center}



*Star*If you notice in the template above, there is an opening greeting, followed by thoughts. You might take the opportunity to say something really nice in your opening thoughts:
--How did this piece make you feel?
--Did it remind you of something?
--Continue being honest, positive, encouraging and helpful throughout your review.

*Star*You will notice in the next part of the template, you mention your favorite parts of the item. Even if the piece you read was incredibly terrible, you can always find something positive to say.
--Was their idea creative?
--Did their descriptions make you smile? Cry?
--Did something about it really touch you in some way?
If the piece was so perfect that you can't think of anything that might improve it, let the author know that. Letting the author know that you really loved the piece is also a big help. You are saying that the author is on the right track.

*Star*The next area in the sample template is the suggestion area. This is where you can truly shine and be helpful. It's always a great feeling to know that you are able to really help a writer.
--Try not to be rude. We don't want to send anyone away in tears...We want to get them excited about the new ways you pointed out that might improve their work.
--Did you notice anything about the story plot that might be improved?
--Was the rhyme of the poem off?
--Could more descriptions eliminate confusion?
--Did you notice any spelling/grammar errors?

- The above were just a few quick suggestions. The captains and I will give you more help and ideas from time to time. In the meantime, don't hesitate to post on "Superpower Reviewers HUB if you have any questions. One or more of your fellow power members or captains will be glad to answer your posts.

Here is another detailed item about reviewing:

Reviewing Help - Fiction  [E]
Do you struggle with reviewing? Don't know what to comment on? Take a look, this may help.
by ~A.J. Lyle~



The StoryMaster made it possible for our members to have profits from cNote items be deposited directly to our group. When you set up your cNote shop, you'll be able to choose the option to direct deposit to "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group.

If you're not sure if a shop is set up that way, send one of it's cNotes, and then look at your gp log to see where your gps have been sent.

If you have a shop set up that way, make a post at "Superpower Reviewers HUB to let us know. The following are a few cNote shops which direct deposit to "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group:



Having trouble locating a group item? Normally, most of our group items can be found at the very bottom of our main group page under the names.

If you'd like to add one of our links to your sig block, emails, or other items, we have several easy links. I'm sure you'll agree that the following links are very easy to remember:

{item:power} = "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
{item:powercards} = "Greeting Cards For any Occasion
{item:powershop} = "The Power Review Shop
{item:reviewme} = "Review Me List for WDC Power -ON HIATUS
{item:reviewlist2} = "WDC Powers Review Me List 2--ON HIATUS
{item:reviewed} = "SuperTower Review Room MB Rewards



Some of you might have already set up a template, but it's also fun to set up your own sig block.

Go to the site navigation area at the top left of your screen and click on the, 'My Account' section. Find and click on, 'Account Information'. You will then click on, 'Options', and manage your signature from there. Just follow the prompts.



The following are just some of the links which might be of interest.

If you have a current activity which will benefit our group, please don't hesitate to post it at "Superpower Reviewers HUB

A Dozen Delights Auction  [E]
Auction is over. Please Fulfill your packages. Thanks
by Maryann

The Power Shop Review Board  [E]
Power Shop reviewers- post your completed reviews here!
by Lornda

WDC Power "Out of this World " Raffle  [E]
Welcome to Fortune 17th Round to support the 9 year old POWER Group and NEWBIE WAGON!
by eyestar

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by A Guest Visitor

 Copenator's Crew Auction - closed!  [13+]
This is where the people of the WdC show their care and concern for others. Join us.
by Steve adding writing to ntbk.

Star Trek Poetry CONTEST   [13+]
Poetry Contest Based on Star Trek! Happy Birthday WDC! {BACK for the WDC 16th Bday !)
by Maryann

SuperPower Reviewers Directory  [E]
A reference of links available to the group
by Lornda

Star Trek Poetry CONTEST   [13+]
Poetry Contest Based on Star Trek! Happy Birthday WDC! {BACK for the WDC 16th Bday !)
by Maryann

SuperPower Lightning List  [E]
Get to know Power members through good deeds
by eyestar

Superpower Reviewers HUB  [E]
Chat and Check what's happening!
by eyestar

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Helping Links  [ASR]
'Help Links' for Newbies and all other members who are still learning
by Maryann

 Tips for Writing and Reviewing  [13+]
A workbook in progress - Member to member tips and advice
by Maryann

This is one which ends today:
 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor


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