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He has a precious gift, but sharing it has worn him out, depleted his soul
The Gift

He dropped to his knees exhausted and cold
Fatigued he was, to one side he rolled.
“My God, I’m so tired, I cannot go on.
I thought I could do it, but everything is gone.”

In a small copse of pines, snow on the ground,
He lay there silently, not making a sound.
Thinking of the past, remembering the day,
Finding the gift, on his soul it didn’t weigh.

A friend had asked if he could borrow a buck,
But Jason was broke, down on his luck.
“Sorry, I’m tapped out, can’t help you.”
But in his pocket he found, not one bill, but two.

He’d given his friend both; said, “Go to the store.”
Felt in his pocket, found a couple more.
Later a friend asked him for a little advice,
His answer though short, was especially nice.

The friend used the advice on a job interview,
It paid quite well, he started life anew
Another needed his help on a big project,
He gave him an idea, it was just perfect.

From then on, he helped someone every day,
He gave advice, found the right things to say.
Found money at hand where none was before,
Had a little for himself, but not much more.

Helping others was a pleasure, but took quite a toll,
He never had a moment to rest his soul.
Finally he fled to this meadow covered in snow,
Unsure of himself, so to God he did go.

Suddenly a voice whispered softly in his mind,
“You wanted to help people, have you now gone blind?
Many others yet wait for a helping hand,
Or is this not what you wanted or planned?”

His head hung in shame as he listened intently,
New strength in his soul, he arose diffidently.
“My Lord, you are right, I can now go on.
I was puzzled, confused, my will gone.

But I see what you mean, your faith in me.
I will continue as before, and do so willingly.”
He walked off in the snow, head held high,
Knowing love once more, his step now spry.

Jim Dorrell
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