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The 9th Poem in 'The Jester' series, Cameron reflects on his life, and asks, "Why Me"
Cameron Reflects

Cameron was tired, it had been a long day,
His legs were weak, he felt his body sway.
Two shows were scheduled, he'd done three,
His strength finally ebbed, he fell to his knees.

What started as fun when a young child,
Had become a lifestyle, but he always smiled.
Children were his lilfe, he traveled far and wide,
Being The Jester for them; and in a way, their guide.

Many of them would never become an adult,
They'd succumb to their illness, death the result.
Now he knew his illness had returned,
The end was near, it was death he yearned.

As he thought back to the life he'd led,
There was a thought, always in his head
He wondered, "Why me?  What did I do?"
Yet deep in his mind, the answer he knew.

He remembered Joshua, a friend from his youth,
Knew that somewhere with him, lay the truth.
He thought of his wife, who died so long ago,
His son Bradley, living with his mother, although ....

Bradley knew how to do his show, he could carry on,
He realized it was time, soon he would be gone.
And flew home one last time to see his mother,
Then checked into the hospital, run by his brother.

He left this life after just a short time,
Mourned by many, he died in his prime.
But the world carried on, Bradley in his place,
Ensuring his father's name, would never be erased.

Jim Dorrell

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