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A short poem with an Emoticon in each line. Written for fun, not meant to be too serious.
Emoticon Fun

I saw a yellow *Duck* floating down a stream,
When a *Dog2* grabbed it in its mouth, I knew this was a dream.
I heard distant *Music2* playing on a *Speaker*,
I never wanted it to *Stop*, as my knees grew weaker.

Someone strummed a *Guitar*, playing our song,
Hearing it made me *Smile* for I knew it wouldn’t be long,
Til I saw your lovely face as you walked in that *Door*
We’d share a loving *Kiss*, and you'd be mine once more.

It must have been fall, for *Leafbr**Leafy* were on the ground,
And *Jackolantern*’s were a plenty, lying all around.
A *Devil* came walking by, looking mighty mean,
Then I saw a little *Ghost*, it must be Halloween!

I finally awoke when my *Clock* sounded so loud,
Then a beautiful *Rainbowl**Rainbowr* broke through the clouds,
I saw you next to me, my *Suitheart* skipped a beat,
A*Waterdrop* dropped from my eye, for you make my life complete.

Jim Dorrell
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