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A poem about dream and love
Here I am standing alone
In a world seemed unknown
Searching, looking for something
But it only leads me to nothing.

Then I saw you there and I was glad,
To see a familiar face in a place so sad.
I went to you in a hurry,
But something makes me feel that I should worry.

You look at me and then I saw you, teary eyed.
You turned around, leaving me behind.
Loneliness and pain dissipates everywhere
For your love will not last forever.

My mind was confused.
My heart has been crushed.
Piece by piece, I was broken.
It seemed this sadness never ends.

As I was bearing the pain of your leaving,
I saw a hand suddenly reaching.
Without thinking I hold onto it
Suddenly a light has been lit

I opened my eyes lying in bed
Beside you, trembling and scared.
With tears in my eyes I hold you in my arms
There’s a smile on my lips, so glad it was just a dream.
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