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The Final chapter.
For Part 2 see

 Eggnog and Werewolves Part 2  (18+)
Some werewolves are crazy.
#1771182 by BIG BAD WOLF

That was just incredible, Julia thought as she regained control of herself. While she had initially been reluctant, Lucy had been able to make things quite, enjoyable.

“Did you have fun?” the werewolf asked, tracing a claw up and down Julia’s chest.

“Yeah,” the human said, with a sigh of content.

“That’s good to hear,” Lucy said, as she licked a claw on her other paw-like hand. She then started licking Julia’s face. “You taste good to.” She then placed another claw in Julia’s mouth.

Julia began to suck on it. “I do taste good,” she said.

“I’m glad you agree,” Lucy said. “Especially since I plan to enjoy your whole body.”

“How?” Julia asked softly.

“How else?” Lucy chuckled. “I plan to place some condiments on you and lick you off, if you don’t mind.”

“Alright,” Julia sighed. “Just be careful- my one toe is still bothering me.”

“I planned on it.”

Lucy got off of the bed and grabbed a ketchup bottle from the trolley. She poured it all over Julia’s belly, and began licking her, to clean up the ketchup. Lucy watched Julia’s belly shudder and bunch up, and more, as her tongue glided across it. Once the belly was clean, she stood back up, walked over to the two roulette wheels, “Body Part” and “Condiment”, and spun them. Once they stopped, Lucy looked at Julia and grinned.

“Nothing and Vagina,” she chuckled. “Always my favorite.”

She carefully got on top of Julia, stuck her wolf-shaped head between the human’s legs, and began to lick. The woman had a slight taste of salt and a mixture of fruit and flowers. She probed her tongue deeper, causing Julia to squirm. Finally, she tasted her prize, the cherry, as it were. Leaving it intact, she licked the area around it. Finally, Julia came to her climax. Lucy sucked down the juice- it had a good flavor. She then looked back at Julia’s face- she was in a very relaxed state. She placed a furry hand on the human’s face. “Time for some more fun.”

She got off of Julia, and walked to the table. She spun the wheels again. She liked the results- Everything and Everything. “Time to take you someplace special,” she said as she picked Julia up. She opened up the door, and walked to a bathroom, one with a good-size tub.

“What are we doing here?” Julia asked.

“Everything and Everything means all of the condiments, and the whole body,” Lucy chuckled. “I have to use a bathtub for that- I’m not ruining a good bed just for my fetish, or for a good, temporary, meal.”


“Oh you’ll be just fine,” Lucy said as she placed Julia in the tub. “I told you that I wouldn’t digest those who are friends of mine.” She gave Julia a slow kiss. “You’ll enjoy it.” She left the room.

When she came back, Lucy had brought the condiments and a large mixing bowl. “A fresh batch is always best,” she said as she began squirting and spooning out various items into the bowl. After a squirt of chocolate syrup, she began mixing them. Some minutes later, she dipped her finger into the mixture, and tasted it. “Just right.” She then began pouring out the mixture onto Julia’s front side, and began spreading it all over. “Feel free to help out,” she said with a chuckle. “I’ll have to do your backside by myself.”

Julia smiled as she began spreading the mixture over herself. “Almost like one of those mud baths at the spa, just a little stickier though,” she said. “It would feel better if it was warm though.”

“I tried warming it once,” Lucy chuckled. “It didn’t taste too good.” She then began rubbing the mixture into Julia’s hair, licking her face every now and then. “I always enjoy this combination you know. Of course, I always like it when the whole person’s body is on the menu.”

Some minutes later, Julia was fully covered in the condiment mixture. “Looks like you’re ready,” Lucy said as she rubbed the woman’s foot- the toe was still bothering her.

“I guess so,” Julia said as she looked down her body. “Just be careful.”

“I will,” Lucy said with a grin. She then placed Julia’s feet in her mouth, and started swallowing. She gulped swiftly, yet carefully. The woman had a good flavor, which complimented the various condiments she had used. When she got to her hips, Lucy carefully held Julia’s arms to her sides, and gulped down her hips and hands- there’d be time for playing around in the future, when she’d give Julia an even more enjoyable experience. Then again, Julia was already enjoying herself, as she was feeling nice and warm. After a while, Lucy got to her breasts. Thankfully, theses ones were small enough that Lucy was able to swallow them with ease. She caught a glimpse of Julia’s face- the woman was in pure bliss. She finished swallowing the rest of her.

“You taste quite wonderful,” she said as she leaned against the wall, and rubbed her swollen belly. “It’s nice to have a friend who is not only a lover, but also a good meal.” She walked on back to her room and got into her bed. She planned on having a good time with her new companion.

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