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by stacie
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just a little something i wrote while i was bored
Chapter 1

There are some stories that are so revolting that you only hear them once. This story has been told and handed down though the generations, a story of an island more mysterious than the Bermuda triangle. An island viler than a rotting corps left out in the sun, where blood soaks into the ground and monsters roam the land. The Island of No-Return this story is one of them.

The year was 2028 and the world was on its last breath. In 2020, a meteor passed the earth and what a beautiful sight that was, but it was short lived. A few years later the meteor changed course this time it would make impact on earth. There was a state of panic. Every country built a bunker big enough to fit everyone in but it wasn’t needed. A scientist called Mario Brent had made a machine that could take the world back in time but the side effect was that no one would remember that it ever happened. This plan went ahead. The problem was some people remembered what had happened. They remembered the screams of terror everyone gave out when they thought they were going to die. They were deemed crazy. The year is 1776.

John Smith sat in his father’s study listening to this gruesome tale. It was his sixteenth birthday the day most boys listen to this story. His father was sat at his desk that was made of mahogany.  John was sat across from him listening, gripping every word that came out of his Mr Smith’s mouth. Most kid’s faces would be filled with disgust at such a tale but young john’s was filled with curiosity. There was one question that stuck in his head the whole time his dad was talking

“but father if no one has returned from the island how do we know all this stuff about the island?” john asked after Mr Smith had finished the story.

Mr Smith’s face went pale and he sat there like the question had frozen him in time. After a while his dad spoke

“I think it is time for you to go to bed that is if you can” His father tried a smile but john knew something was wrong. He did not argue he rose from the chair he sat in and went out the room before he left he turned to say goodnight to his father. Mr Smith watched john go out the room he watched till he could no longer see him then he pulled open the desk draw and got out an envelope inside that envelope was nine words written in the scrawling hand-writing of the sender

Beware the island of no-return he watches you.

Five days after john heard the story his father died after the funeral john went and sat in his father study he traced his hand along the bookshelves that lined the wall

“o father why now? Why did you have to leave?” john stopped in front of a book which unlike the others was not covered in dust. John traced his hand along the book and read the title Treasures of the unknown slowly he pulled the book out from where it was but halfway though getting the book out it stopped. John tugged as hard as he could at the book but it did not move so he decided to tilt it instead. As soon as he started to tilt the book there was a clicking sound.

John gave up on the book and slide it back into place instead he went to find the clicking sound first he checked the door to see if someone had locked it without him knowing he was in there but the door was unlocked as john turned round to look around he saw a little gap at the end of the bookshelves. John walked over to the gap it was a door John slowly pulled it open inside was a room filled with maps, books and what looked like letters. John looked at the maps all the maps had a circled location with a tiny green mark in it above the circle was written the island of no-return. John couldn’t believe it his dad knew where the island was but he didn’t tell anyone why?

John spent hours going though all the pieces of paper trying to find something that might indicate why he wouldn’t tell anyone and then he found some letters that explained why

Dear Mr Smith

I think that it is time to give up are research I have been researching this island for nine months now I have found nothing but the monsters that we already knew about what are you looking for exactly.


Dear Mr Smith

I have finally found something that is actually worth the trip we are not the only humans here there is another person only one we will be searching for him tomorrow I am staying for a few more months I think.



You can’t stay there its not safe I have been doing research for myself you need to come home NOW

Mr Smith

Dear Mr Smith

I fear this is our last letter to each other no one should every come to this island no one should have this fate I have seen unspeakable able things now I must go.


These letters confused john who was B? And why was he writing to his dad about the island? John needed more information so he searched his dad study too. He found nothing the only place left to check was his dad’s desk and that’s when he found it the last letter sent to his dad Beware the island of no-return he watches that did it john was now fully freaked out what had happened.

20 years later…

Those questions stuck in John’s mind his whole life, when he got married, when he got his first job even when his first child was born. He had a daughter called Bethany he decided that it was time to ignore the question but when his daughter turned six he had to go, He had to find the island.

Dear diary                                 

It has been ten years since father left me and mother. Yet I still stay up and wait for him to return but I fear that will never happen. I thought we were all happy I would have never thought that father would leave us. Mother is getting so very ill the doctor said she might not make it to the end of the year and I fear that he may be correct as mother grows worse everyday. I must find father. He can help us surely he must be making a living he can help pay for the medical help we need. If only wishes came true.

Frederick woke up in a cold sweat he had, had that dream again the dream of the world full of electricity. In his dream he saw a man the man always shouted at him to run and hide just after he gave him a shot of medicine. He always hid with his mum behind a large block and then there would be a blinding flash of light and he would wake in a cold sweat. Frederick wished he knew who the man was so he could search for him and ask if the dreams meant anything. Frederick swung his legs of the side of his bed and got dressed he shoved his breakfast down and made his way to the burial grounds on his way he picked up some pansies he grew in the front of his house. He stood in front of his mother’s headstone and placed the flowers on top. He ran his fingers though his short black hair and tried to remember what his mother looked like but as usually nothing just blackness. He only knew her name because it was printed on her headstone but Frederick knew nothing of his past. It’s hard to think how he felt being 16 and not knowing who he was or his mother knowing nothing but the dream that he had every night.

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