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Thrid book, actually. First a cat and a window second a rose and it's bud. Enjoy.
Chapter one
Able to see far, the boy climbed the hill, looking for his girl friend. After a painful death experience, he had just been given another chance and had to find her, to tell her he was alive. He texted her, and she made a deal. If he beat her to the top of the hill, she would beleive him. If not... he would be met with the same fate as he had first encountered, dog food. Literally. She had a fangdemon on her, a wolf or fox that could change forms, or creatures. He agreed, and with that he had started climbing. As soon as he got to the top he seen a villiage. His girl friend was leaned against a foutian, smirking. He got angry, for she had beat him, and walked toward her. He missed one curesial detail; her fangdemon wasn't with her. He was attacked from behind, and licked all over. He giggled and closed his eyes, putting his hands in front of him to sheild the licks. When he least expected it, the fangdemon devoured him, and he was squeezed into a ball and deposited into it's stomach. He sloshed around in the darkness, and moved back and fourth as the fangdemon walked. Angole patted her fangdemon and asked it who it had seen. It barked, and she patted him more, saying things like good dog and such. "So I guess you don't beleive me..." Mason said. "Mason, I'm not stupid. My fangdemon would only attack you like that." She told him. "Does that mean I can get out?" He asked pleadingly. "Let's see, No." Angole said.
She left him in there for a little bit, deciding how to ask.
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