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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1929836
Why are people so cruel?

        "Jesus! I hate Muslims!" Fr. Zucker cursed in his private vespers.
    A wave of shame came over him. Why would he, a priest, utter such hate?
    He called his friend Rabbi Zemmel. And the discourse went on into the
    night. The final resolution was not conclusive.

        "I must be succumbing to the media hysteria. Or maybe it's demonic."
    Fr. Zucker sighed and sipped some wine.

        "Now don't beat yourself up. You can say what you want in private.
    I'm a Jew. Everywhere I go people hate me and I wish they would keep
    that private. Muslims are another branch of Abraham .. That slave girl
    he diddled. I can live with that. You must forgive yourself and allow your
    anger a place to vent." Rabbi Zemmel spoke while munching a cookie.
    Father Zucker laughed. He was feeling a little tipsy from the wine.

        "Can there ever be peace?" the priest voice quavered.

    The Rabbi gave a long sigh,  "There is no peace in this wicked world.
    Have something to eat. You shouldn't drink on an empty stomach."
    "It's either yes or no. Either you believe or you don't. Religion does not
    allow for diplomacy... " FR. Zucker's speech was slurred.

        "Heh. Religion is the only hope for diplomacy. Look at all the greed.
    At least we're not Scientologists. I don't want to be a superman."
    Rabbi Zucker made the priest laugh and snort his wine.
    "Jesus. Tom Cruse is so full of.. jelly beans." the priest retorted.
    "You'd be too if you had a billion year contract." the Rabbi laughed.

    The two old friend laughed their sins away.

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