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Sometime don't you just wonder why?

It seems so unfair sometime when you see or even have to endure suffering or pain, or no someone who really don't deserve the negative things that happen in life, I myself wonder what can be the purpose of some of the turmoil I see in the world, even in my own area but after observation I made a conclusion that a partial answer can be found in how we evaluate a situation. They say "every cloud has a silver lining ", so instead of the cloud look for the silver lining. Is the glass half full or half empty? Well if your thirsty it don't matter, drink it. I think Mr. ANDREW CARNEGIE, was correct when he said "every failure carries with it the seed for a equivalent success" , I think that's how it goes. Also if we didn't have problems we would never no the joy of success, we would all be running around like a bunch of machines with no emotions and no aspirations of success. It is like pain, no body wants to be in pain but if we never experienced it how would we no if there was a physical problem, I guess at the autopsy when they looked for a cause of death, right. So my advice is when tough times come and they will come don't complain, step back thank God it didn't destroy you, use logic and patience to look at it and figure it out.
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